Ind in Eng 2014: India Lost the T20, Would You Praise or Blame Dhoni!!

MS Dhoni cannot be out of sight if people have their way. He is so popular that even in T20 if he plays slow nobody minds, as they believe that he will finally win the match for India. It is debatable though. He can be praised if he gets lucky to make India win by scoring the runs. But his slow approach has more than often costed India the match too. Even today India lost by 3 runs. Had he been not there India could have lost easily. But why did the match that India could have won easily come to that point of scoring 17 runs in the last over? What is your stand on it!!

India in England 2014: Schedule and Results

What Was Dhoni Doing in Todays T200 loss!! Blame or Praise
Dhoni joined the party as No. 4 batsman coming at the dismissal of the hero of the chase Virat Kohli. Indian score was 131/3 in 14.2 overs then. They needed 50 runs in 34 balls. Finn and debutant Gurney bowled two overs each after that. Tredwell bowled the 16th over while Woakes bowled all the 6 balls of last over to him. Before the last over Dhoni had taken 12 balls to score 14 runs.

It was a perfect trademark play by Dhoni of scoring slow. But then like some of the rare successful last over thriller by him, fans expected him to explode. But all he could manage is a respectable loss of only 3 runs. Statistics can term it as a close loss. But now you decide if Dhoni’s fight is worth a praise or his slow act in almost 5 overs before the last over is to be blamed!!

Due to the slow approach of Raina and Dhoni, India was already in a tough condition from what appeared to be an easy win till 15th over when Kohli fell down as third wicket. Now, 17 runs were required in the last 6 balls of Woakes.

Dhoni started the over with a six. But after that he kep refusing to give debutant Rayudu the chance to bat. Unfortunately even he could score only 6 more runs despite facing all the balls of the over.

Yes, the margin of 3 runs appears a tough fight in the chase of 181 runs. Wwe should thank Dhoni for that. But would one praise or blame Dhoni for an innings that did not get victory, is completely one’s own prerogative. Not sure, what would you do, blame or praise Dhoni!!

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