Ind Vs SL: In Tests, India has Good Limited Over bowlers

SSC Colombo, Sri Lanka: India played their 2nd test against Sri Lanka in the 3-test series, after bidding farewell to the son-in-law in style. The first day emulated the first day of the 1st test. Indian bowlers could not turn wicket-taker, but they did manage to keep the run rate below par. Good sign for Limited over bowlers, but can someone tell them it is test cricket!!

The first day of the 2nd test was a replica of the 1st test of the current 3-test series. Sangakkara winning the toss, electing to bat. Dilshan getting out first, Paranavitana and Sangakkara scoring centuries. At the end of the day SL leaving on a strong note by losing just 2 wickets. Only difference being Indian bowlers got a chance to bowl complete 90 overs, instead of the 69 overs they could bowl on the first day of 1st test.

Indian Bowlers Prove they Are not Wicket-takers
The remarkable feature of comparing the first day of both tests, highlights that current Indian bowlers, supposedly the best selection after Zaheer’s injury (Sreesanth was not the leading bowler anyways), can not take the wickets. While opposition team probably did not need much effort to read them, the Indian bowlers could not study the SL batsmen even in 2nd test. Paranavitana followed his maiden century with another one in 2nd test. Sangakkara is too great to be held behind by these clubclass bowling acts.

Indian Bowlers Prove they are Good Limited Overs Bowlers
Considerably after losing just 2 wickets, SL should have scored at least with a run rate of 4 runs per over. But after playing 90 overs they could score only at a run rate of 3.46 runs per over. This, despite Dilshan giving them another flying start, with a quick half century. Indian bowlers proved they are one of the best bowlers if one considers limited overs, where restricting runs is more important than taking wickets.

When Will Indian Bowlers become Consistent at International Level!!
But, probably they forgot that unlike limited overs, in Test matches batsmen does not have any compulsion to go out and attack. Specially, after the first test when they know that the star-filled Indian batting can collapse to defeat if they set a 500 plus score in first inning, which they are all set to make on the second day. With experience against India, opponents including SL knows that the famed Indian batting line-up almost always fails to provide a good cover up to the poor performances of their bowlers. The bowlers should learn faster that in test matches low run rate is not the key, but they have to take wickets to be called an international bowler.

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