Ind Vs SL: Should Indian selection Remain Batting-centric!!

SSC Colombo, Sri Lanka: Indian bowlers can not take wickets because they are not the best of the lot, even within India. It is another question why the best is not in Sri Lanka. Or is it Just Zaheer Khan whose presence is required to give India’s best bowling line-up!! The weak bowling is the key reason given for SL scoring free runs. But what about the batting. even SL is not having the best of the World balling attackk. India does have one of the best batting line-up even for tests. Why did the batsmen fail in first test and many such matches before?

On a pitch, where SL even scored freely on the 5th day, how could Indian batsmen be bowled out twice in almost 2 days!! The pitch had no daemon. Except Malinga none of the SL bowlers (with due respect to Muralitharan) were lethal. Still, how could the batting line-up filled with start players holding many records of World Cricket crumble twice just in two days!!

Probably, they were feeling nervous after the poor performance of their bowlers. But, did not the captain and selectors told the players, that the selection is relying more on batsman!! The bowlers are just a bit more than filler. It is time Indian selectors should think on a serious note which way should the Indian team follow!! One of these options may help India perform better.

Give bowlers better recognition
What is the use of more batting-centric team selection when they can be bowled out in twice in 2 days that too against not the best bowling attack, and a good batting pitch!!

Select 5 Bowlers
Why should there be not more concentration on bowlers when batsmen 5-6-7 in number could not score required numbers?

Forget Bowlers Completely
Why should the complte 11 be made of batsmen? If bowlers are not performing, let the opponent score against part-time bowlers and then let the 11-batsmen team take the game to the opponent!!

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