1932 Olympics: India Pumps 35 Goals in Two Games to Defend Hockey Title, Extends Participation to Swimming

As 19 athletes participated in three Sports, Indian Men’s Hockey team remain unchallenged and easily defended the title. Nalin Malik became the first Indian Swimmer at Olympics, while Dickie Carr became the first Indian to represent in two Sports at Olympics.

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Olympics Statistics

    Venue: Los Angeles, United States
    Sports: 117 in 14 sports
    Participating Nations: 37
    Athletes Participating: 1,332 (1,206 men, 126 women)

Indian Statistics

    India Ranking: 19
    Flag Bearer: Lal Shah Bokhari (Hockey)
    Indian Team: 19 Athletes (No Female)
    Sports-India: Athletics, Hockey, Swimming
    Dickie Carr represented in Two Sports: Hockey, Athletics
    Only four players from team of 1928 Olympics: Dhyan Chand, Richard Allen, Leslie Hammond, Eric Pinniger

Hockey: Gold Medal
Only three teams participated and only two games played to defend the Olympic title. But, Indians went on a massacre scoring 35 goals, and conceding two. They defeated Silver medal winner Japan 11-1 and the Bronze winner hosts USA 24-1.

    Dhyan Chand, Richard Allen, Leslie Hammond, Eric Pinniger, Sardar Mohammad Aslam, Lal Shah Bokhari, Frank Brewin, Dickie Carr, Arthur Hind, Sayed Jaffar, Masude Minhas, Gurmit Singh, Roop Singh, Pat Sullivan, Carlyle Tapsell

Athletics: 4 Men in 4 events

    Mehar Chand Dhawan: Round 1 in Men’s 4 × 100 metres Relay, 14th in Triple Jump
    Bunoo Sutton: Semifinals in Men’s 110 metres Hurdles, Round 1 in Men’s 100 metres, Men’s 4 × 100 metres Relay
    Ronald Vernieux: Round 1 in Men’s 100 metres, 200 m, 4x 100 metres Relay
    Dickie Carr: 4x 100 metres Relay

Swimming: 1 Swimmer in 2 events
Nalin Malik: Round 1 in Men’s 400 metres Freestyle, 1,500 metres Freestyle

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