1992 Olympics: India Gets First Woman Flag Bearer

Shiny Abraham who became the first Indian Woman to reach semifinals of Athletics event in 1984 Olympics, became the first Woman flag bearer of Indian Olympics Contingent at Barcelona Olympics.

Indian Performance in Every Olympics
History of All Sports Played at Olympics by India
Olympic History

Olympics Statistics

    1. Venue: Barcelona, Spain
    1. Sports: 257 events in 25 sports
    1. Participating Nations: 169
    Athletes Participating: 9,356 (6,652 men, 2,704 women)

Indian Statistics

    1. India Ranking: No Medals
    1. Flag Bearer: Shiny Abraham-Wilson
    1. Indian Team: 52 Athletes (6 women in 5 Sports)
    1. Sports-India: Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Hockey, Judo, Sailing, Shooting, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling
    1. 1st time Sports: Badminton, Judo
    1. 3rd: Shiny Abraham-Wilson (Athletics), Farokh Tarapore (Sailing), Soma Dutta (Shooter)
    2nd: Pargat Singh, Jude Sebastian, Jagbir Singh (Hockey), Subhash Verma (Wrestling), Limba Ram (Archery), Kamlesh Mehta, Sujay Ghorpade, Niyati Roy-Shah (Table Tennis), Badathala Adisekhar (Weightlifting)

Archery: 3 men in 2 events
Limba Ram, Changte Lalremsaga, Dhulchand Damor: Men’s Individual, 16th Men’s Team

Athletics: 2 athletes in 2 events

    1. Bahadur Prasad: Round 1 Men’s 5,000 metres
    Shiny Abraham-Wilson: Round 1 Women’s 800 metres

Badminton: 3 Shuttlers for 3 events

    1. Deepankar Bhattacharya: Round 3 Men’s Singles
    1. Vimal Kumar: Round 1 Men’s Singles
    1. Deepankar Bhattacharya / Vimal Kumar: Round 2 in Men’s Doubles
    Madhumita Bisht: Round 3 Women’s Singles

Boxing: 5 Pugilists in 5 events

    1. Rajendra Prasad: ROund 3 Men’s Light-Flyweight
    1. Dharmendra Yadav: Round 1 Men’s Flyweight
    1. Devarajan Venkatesan: Round 1 Men’s Bantamweight
    1. Narendar Bisth Singh: Round 1 Men’s Featherweight
    Sandeep Gollen: Round 1 Men’s Light-Welterweight

Hockey: 7th
Indian Men’s team won less matches and lost more for the first time, losing four games and winning three.

    1. Pargat Singh, Jude Sebastian, Jagbir Singh (Hockey)
    Others: Cheppudira Poonacha, Jagdev Singh Rai, Harpreet Singh, Sukhjit Singh, Shakeel Ahmed, Mukesh Kumar Nandanoori, Dhanraj Pillay, Didar Singh, Ashish Kumar Ballal, Ravi Nayakar, Darryl D’Souza, Ajit Lakra


    1. Lost to Germany 0 – 3
    1. Def Argentina 1 – 0
    1. Lost to Great Britain 1 – 3
    1. Lost to Australia 0 – 1
    1. Def Egypt 2 – 1
    1. Classification Matches
    1. 5th-8th place: Lost to Spain 0 – 2
    7th-8th place: Def New Zealand 3 – 2

Judo: 5 Judokas for 5 events (including one woman)

    1. Narinder Singh: Men’s Extra-Lightweight
    1. Sandeep Byala: Men’s Half-Lightweight
    1. Rajinder Kumar Dhanger: Men’s Middleweight
    1. Cawas Billimoria: Men’s Heavyweight
    Sangita Mehta: Women’s Heavyweight

Cyrus Cama & Farokh Tarapore: 23rd Men’s Two Person Dinghy

Shooting: 2 women in 3 events

    1. Soma Dutta: Women’s Air Rifle, 10 metres, Women’s Small-Bore Rifle, Three Positions, 50 metres
    Abha Dhillan: Women’s Air Pistol, 10 metres

Table Tennis: 4 Paddlers for 3 events (1 Woman)

    1. Kamlesh Mehta: Round 3 Men’s Singles
    1. Chetan Baboor: Round 1 Men’s Singles
    1. Sujay Ghorpade / Kamlesh Mehta : Round 2 Men’s Doubles
    Niyati Roy-Shah: Round 2 Women’s Singles

Tennis: 2 Men for two events

    1. Ramesh Krishnan: Men’s Singles
    1. Leander Paes: Men’s Singles
    Ramesh Krishnan/Leander Paes: 5th Men’s Doubles

Weightlifting: 3 men in 3 events

    1. Badathala Adisekhar: 10th Men’s Flyweight
    1. Ponnuswamy Rangaswamy: 18th Men’s Bantamweight
    Sivaraj Naalamuthu Pillai: 22nd Men’s Featherweight


    1. Subhash Verma: 6th Men’s Heavyweight, Freestyle
    1. Pappu Jadav: 8th Men’s Light-Flyweight, Greco-Roman
    1. M. R. Patil: Men’s Featherweight, Greco-Roman
    1. Anil Kumar: Men’s Flyweight, Freestyle
    1. Ashok Kumar: Men’s Bantamweight, Freestyle
    Dharan Singh Dahiya: Men’s Featherweight, Freestyle

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