India in Archery World Championships 2010

Hyderabad, India: Edinburgh will host the World Championship final of 2010 in September. After the completion of the 4th ranking round of the year in Shanghai, Deepika Kumar (Women Recurve) and Jayanta Talukdar (Men Recurve) will represent India in the finals for 2010 World Championships. Here is a list of performance by Indians in the first 4 stages of the Archey World Championships 2010.

First Stage at Porec

    One Silver in Men’s Team Recurve

2nd Stage at Antalya

    1 Gold in Men’s Team Recurve

3rd Stage at Ogden

    1 Silver in Women’s Team Recurve

4th Stage at Shanghai

    1 Gold in Men’s Team Recurve
    1 Silver in Women’s Individual Recurve
    1 Bronze in Men’s Individual Recurve

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