India Vs England 1951-52 Test Series: First Win and Draw for India

1951-52 Series saw the first 5-Test series between India and England playing first-ever draw between them. India finally won a test against England and also achieved the feat of not losing the series, breaking the trend of 4 consecutive losses since 1932. The series belonged to Vinoo Mankad’s record allround performance and Indian batsmen.

India Vs England 1951-52 Series: Test Results
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India Vs England 1951-52 Test Series: Statistics and Records

India got the honour of playing first-ever 5-Test series against England. The series was hosted in India. After 4 emphatic test series victory, England sent a weakened team with second string players. Yet they did not lose the series and one a test. India did register their best performance against England winning the first-ever test against them and for the first time not losing the series.

M Mankad created a new bowling record of highest wicket in the series taking 34 wickets. Overall Indian bowlers grabbed 73 wickets.
The second string English bowling unit struggled to bowl out India but in fourth Test India finally succumbed. Tattersall with 21 wickets was the pick of English bowlers who managed 57 wickets during the series.

Watkins with 420 runs scored the highest number of runs in the series. His total included a century and 2 half-centuries. Graveney (339), Robertson (297), Spooker (247) were other prominent English scorers.

P Roy emered as the best Indian batsman of the series with 387 runs that included two centuries. Vijay Hazare also scored two centuries and reached 347. Umrigar (233) with a century, M Mankad (223) and Phadkar (187) were other prominent Indian scorers. Vijay Merchant scored 154 in the only innings he played.

Howard failed miserably with the bat in 5 innings he played. Carr replaced him in 4th test but even he could not score much. Indian Captain Vijay Hazare emerged as the third best batsman of the series with 347 runs.

Spooker in the top order scored 247 runs. India tried three wicketkeepers – P Joshi, PK Sen and Mantri – and all failed collectively.

M Mankad provided an allround performance scoring 223 run and grabbing record 34 wickets.

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