India Vs England 1951-52 Test Series: Statistics and Records

M Mankad’s 33 wickets in the series created new record in Ind-England series for maximum wickets. Indians excelled yet failed to win the seriers.

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India Vs England 1951-52 Test Series: First Win and Draw for India
India Vs England 1951-52 Series: Test Results

Series Record

Captains: Vijay Hazare (Ind), N Howard (Eng)
Wicketkeepers: P Joshi, P Sen and Mantri (Ind), Spooner (Eng)
Best Batsman: Watkins (420), P Roy (387)
Best Bowler: M Mankad (34), Tattersall (21)
Highest Team Score: 485/9d (Ind), 456 (Eng)
Lowest Team Score: 121 (Ind), 193 (Eng)
Centuries: 8 (Ind 7, Eng 1)
Half-centuries: 14 (Eng 10,Ind 4)
5wkts in inning: 5 (Ind 3, Eng 2)
10wkts in inning: 1 (Ind)


    With 34 wickets M Mankad created record of highest wickets by bowler in Ind-Eng series.
    India registered first-ever test victory against England winning 5th test in Chennai.
    India registered first-ever draw series against England.

Team Records:

    Eng Scores: 203 and 368/6, 456 and 55/2, 342 and 252/5d, 203 and 76/2, 266 and 183
    India Scores: 418/6d, 485/9d and 208, 344 and 103/0, 121 and 157, 457/9d

Batting Records

    Highest Centuries: 2 by Vijay Hazare and P Roy
    Highest Ind. Scores: 164 by Vijay Hazare
    Centuries: 154 (Vijay Merchant), 140 and 111 (P Roy), 164 and 155* (Vijay Hazare), 115 (D Phadkar), 130* (Umrigar), 137 (Watkins)

Biggest (100-plus) Partnerships:

    211 3rd Merchant & V Hazare (Ind)


    158 4th Watkins & Carr (Eng)
    187 3rd P Roy & V Hazare (Ind)
    148 5th Graveney & Watkins (Eng)
    103 1st P Roy & M Mankad (Ind)
    104 6th Phadkar and Umrigar (Ind)

Bowling Records
Best Bowling in an Inning

    6/91 S Shinde (Ind)
    6/48 Tattersall (Eng)
    5/70 Ghulam Ahmed (Ind)
    5/61 Hilton (Eng)
    8/55 M Mankad (Ind)

Best Bowling in a Test

    12/118 M Mankad (Ind)

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