India Vs England 1982 Series: Botham wins Series for England, Kapil Fights for India

1982 Series saw England winning 3 tests series by 1-0. The series saw superb performances from English teams. They won the Lord’s test and emerged winner. Surprisingly Kapil Dev was the man of the series, despite Botham being the best batsmen of the series and taking just 1 wicket less than Kapil.

India Vs England History: Test Series Result
India Vs England 1982 Series: Statistics & Record
India Vs England 1982 Series: Test Results

Both the teams could not take many wickets. England took 37 and Indian bowlers took 35 wickets in the series.
English captain Willis was the best bowler of the series with 15 wickets. Botham (9), Pringle (7), Edmonds (3), Miller, Cook and Allott (1 each) also tasted success.
Doshi (13), Kapil (10), Madan Lal (6), Shastri (4), Sandeep Patil and Nayak (1 each) were successful for India.

Botham was the most successful batsmen hitting 2 centuries and scoring 403 runs. Randall (221) with a century), Lamb (207) with a century), Tavare (178), Gower (152), Cook (138) were other English batsmen to cross 100-run mark.

Kapil Dev (292) was the best Indian batsmen. Vengasarkar (193) with a century), Sandeep Patil (191 in 2 innings), Viswanath (189) and Kirmani (110) were the other batsmen to cross 100-run mark. Gavaskar (74), Yashpal Sharma (98) and Shastri (93) flopped.

Gavaskar has no contribution in his 3 innings, while Willis was the best bowler of the series.

Kirmani crossed 100-run mark with a half-century, R Taylor could scored only 33 runs.

Botham and Kapil were the best allrounders again.

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