India vs West Indies ODI Records: Lowest Scores

India’s score of 146 is their 2nd lowest in West Indies. Their biggest loss in West Indies was accompanied by their overall 6th lowest total against West Indies in ODI. Here are the topmost lowest scores of India and West Indies against each other in ODIs.

India’s Biggest Victories Vs West Indies in ODI
India’s Biggest Defeats Vs West Indies in ODI

India’s Lowest Score Against West Indies

Score Innings Venue Year
100 2nd Ahmedabad 1993
120 2nd Toronto 1999
123 2nd Port of Spain 2002
126 1st Perth 1991
135 2nd Guwahati 1987
146 2nd North Sound 2011
148 1st Port of Spain 1989

West Indies Lowest Totals Against India

Score Innings Venue Year
121 1st Port of Spain 1997
123 2nd Kolkata 1993
126 1st Perth 1991
129 2nd Johannesburg 2009
137 2nd Toronto 1999
140 2nd Lord’s 1983
145 1st Sharjah 1991
146 2nd Kuala Lumpur 2006

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