India@CWG: Indian Medals at 1994 Commonwealth Games

1994 saw Shooting and Weightlifting win equal number of Gold medals as Wrestling returned to the medal tally. With a Bronze from Boxing also, Indians won 6 Gold, 11 Silver, 7 Bronze medals. While Ashok Pandit won his second consecutive Gold medal, Jaspal Rana became the first Indian athlete (apart from Weightlifting) to win more than one gold medal in the same CWG event.

Medal History of all Games
Indian Contingent and All Squads at 2018 Commonwealth Games


    Jaspal Rana (Centre-Fire Pistol, Shooting)
    Jaspal Rana / Ashok Pandit (Centre-Fire Pistol pairs, Shooting)
    Mansher Singh (Shotgun Trap, Shooting)
    Murgesan Veerasamy (Flyweight-Snatch, Weightlifting)
    Badathala Adisekhar (Flyweight-Clean and Jerk, Weightlifting)
    Badathala Adisekhar (Flyweight-Overall, Weightlifting)


    Jaspal Rana (Air Pistol, Shooting)
    Roopa Unnikrishnan (Small Bore Rifle, Three Positions – Shooting)
    Badathala Adisekhar (Flyweight-Snatch, Weightlifting)
    Murgesan Veerasamy (Flyweight-Overall, Weightlifting)
    Chandersekaran Raghavan (Bantamweight-Snatch, Weightlifting)
    Chandersekaran Raghavan (Bantamweight-Clean and Jerk, Weightlifting)
    Chandersekaran Raghavan (Bantamweight-Overall, Weightlifting)
    Satish Rai (Lightweight-Clean and Jerk, Weightlifting)
    Satish Rai (Lightweight-Overall, Weightlifting)
    Ashok Kumar (Bantamweight, Wrestling)
    Randhir Singh (Middleweight, Wrestling)


    Sah Birju (Light Flyweight, Boxing)
    Jaspal Rana / Vivek Singh (Air Pistol pairs, Shooting)
    Roopa Unnikrishnan / Kuheli Gangulee (Small Bore Rifle, Three Positions pairs, Shooting)
    Murgesan Veerasamy (Flyweight-Clean and Jerk, Weightlifting)
    Ramesh Kumar (Light Flyweight, Wrestling)
    Kirpa Shankar (Flyweight, Wrestling)
    Subhash Verma (Heavyweight, Wrestling)

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