India@CWG2018: Athletics Schedule and Results

Indians are participating in 15 Sports at Commonwealth Games 2018. They are not participating in Beach Volleyball, Diving, Netball, Rugby sevens and Triathlon). Check complete schedule and results of Indian performance in Athletics. Indians finished 14th with one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze medal among 952 athletes from 68 nations.

Medal History of all Games
Indian Contingent and All Squads at 2018 Commonwealth Games
Indian Schedule and Results by Day
Indian Schedule and Results by Sports

Athletics (Apr 8-Apr 15-58 events)
Apr 8: Day 4

    2:30 am Men’s 20km walk Irfan Kolothum Thodi, Manish Singh Rawat – 6th
    3:30 am Women’s 20km walk Soumya B – disqualified, Khushbir Kaur – 4th
    11.11 am (Heat 1) 400m Muhammed Anas
    12.02 pm Shot put Tajinder Pal Singh Toor

Apr 9: Day 5

    5.50 am Athletics (High Jump) Siddharth Yadav, Tejaswin Shankar
    6 am (Heat 1) Women 400m Hima Das, Poovamma Raja
    3.26 pm (Semi-final) Athletics (400m) Muhammad Anas Qualified for FINAL
    3.55 pm Athletics (Shot put) Tajinder Pal Singh Toor – – Finished 8th in Final
    4.05 pm Women 10,000m Loganathan Suriya – Finished 13th with personal best 32:23.56

Apr 10: Day 6

    6.45 am (Heat 1) Athletics (400m Hurdles) Dharun Ayyasamy
    4.46 pm (Semi-final) Athletics (Women 400m) Poovamma Raju
    5.18 pm Athletics (400m) Muhammed Anas FINAL

Apr 11: Day 7

    2.30 pm Athletics (Women long jump) Nayana James – 12th, Neena Pinto – 10th
    3.35 pm (Final) Athletics (High jump) Tejaswin Shankar – 6th, Siddharth Yadav
    4.02 pm Athletics (Long jump) Sreeshankar M
    5.15 pm (Final) Athletics (Women 400m) Poovamma Raju, Hima Das – 6th
    5.41 pm Athletics (400m hurdles) Dharun Ayyasamy

Apr 12: Day 8

    5.35 am (100m hurdles), 6.30 am (High Jump), 2.50 pm (Shot Put), 4.27 pm (200m) Athletics (Heptathlon) Purnima Hembram – 7th
    6 am Athletics (Triple Jump) Rakesh Babu A V, Arpinder Singh – Both qualified for final
    3.15 pm (Final) Athletics (400m Hurdles) Dharun Ayyasamy – did not qualify
    3:25 pm Athletics (Women long jump) Nellickal V. Neena 10th (6.19), Nayana James 12th (6.14)
    4.10 pm Athletics (Women Discus throw) Seema Antil – SILVER, Navjeet Kaur Dhillon – Bronze

Apr 13: Day 9

    5.30 am Athletics (Javelin throw) Vipin Kasana, Neeraj Chopra
    6 am (Long jump), 7:55 am (Javelin throw), 3.35 pm (800m) Athletics (Heptathlon) Purnima Hembram
    7.05 am Athletics (1500m) Jinson Johnson
    7:35 am Athletics Men (4x400m relay) Qualification
    8:05 am Athletics (Women 4x400m relay) Qualification

Apr 14: Day 10

    10.05 am (Final) Athletics (Javelin Throw) Vipin Kasana – 5th, Neeraj Chopra (86.47) – GOLD
    10.45 am (Final) Athletics (Triple Jump) Arpinder Singh – 4th
    10:50 am Women 5,000m L Suriya – 13th
    11.40 am (Final) 1,500m Jinson Johnson – 5th
    12.08 pm (Final) Men 4x400m relay – DID NOT FINISH
    12.37 pm (Final) Women 4x400m relay – 7th

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