Indian Badminton League: 24 Foreign Players from 10 Countries

24 foreign players from 10 countries are participating in IBL. Malaysia Lee Chong Wei and German Juliane Schenk lead others in the price. Check the foreign participants list based on country, and also based on rates and Gender.

IBL Facts
Indian Badminton League: Teams and Players


    Lee Chong Wei USD 1, 35,000 (Mumbai Masters)
    Tan Boon Heong USD 50,000 (Delhi Smashers)
    Kien Keat Koo USD 50,000 (Delhi Smashers)
    (Tan and Kien are World leaders in Men’s Doubles)
    Weng Fei Chong USD 25,000 (Lucknow Warriors)
    Tan Wee Kiong USD 15,000 (Mumbai Masters)
    Goh V. Shem USD 10,000 (Hyderabad Hotshots)
    Lim Khim Wah USD 10,000 (Hyderabad Hotshots)


    Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk USD 15,000 (Hyderabad Hotshots)
    Nichaon Jindapon USD 15,000 (Delhi Smashers)
    Sapsiree taerattanachai USD 15,000 (Lucknow Warriors)


    Carsten Morgensen USD 50,000 (Banga Beats)
    Joachim Fischer Nielsen USD 35,000 (Pune Pistons)
    Tine Baun 30,000 (Mumbai Masters)


    Juliane Schenk USD 90,000 (Delhi Smashers)
    Marc Zweibler USD 15,000 (Mumbai Masters)


    Hu Yun USD 50,000 (Banga Beats)
    Wong Wing Ki USD 20,000 (Delhi Smashers)


    Marcis Kido USD 15,500 (Lucknow Warriors)
    Taufiq Hidayat USD 15,000 (Hyderabad Hotshots)


    Tinh Minh USD 44,000 (Pune Pistons)

Chinese Taipei

    Tai Tzu Ying USD 25,000 (Banga Beats)


    Vladimir Ivanov USD 15,000 (Mumbai Masters)


    Carolina Marin USD 10,000 (Banga Beats)

Price for Players
USD 1, 35,000 Lee Chong Wei (Mumbai Masters)
USD 90,000 Juliane Schenk (Delhi Smashers)
USD 50,000 Tan Boon Heong and Kien Keat Koo (Delhi Smashers), Carsten Morgensen, Hu Yun (Banga Beats)
USD 44,000 Tinh Minh (Pune Pistons)
USD 35,000 Joachim Fischer Nielsen (Pune Pistons)
USD 30,000 Tine Baun (Mumbai Masters)
USD 25,000 Weng Fei Chong (Lucknow Warriors), Tai Tzu Ying (Banga Beats)
USD 20,000 Wong Wing Ki (Delhi Smashers)
USD 15,500 Marcis Kido (Lucknow Warriors)
USD 15,000 Tan Wee Kiong, Marc Zweibler, Vladimir Ivanov (Mumbai Masters), Taufiq Hidayat, Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk (Hyderabad Hotshots), Nichaon Jindapon (Delhi Smashers), Sapsiree taerattanachai (Lucknow Warriors)
USD 10,000 K Nandagopal (Lucknow Warriors), Goh V. Shem, Lim Khim Wah (Hyderabad Hotshots), Carolina Marin (Banga Beats)

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