Indian Open Super Series 2011: WS Qualification Results

16 Women’s Singles qualifier played for four qualifier positions for the main draw of Women’s Singles that starts from 27 April. The final qualifier had to win two matches. Here is the result of Women’s Singles qualifier.

Indian Open: Tournament Facts
Men’s Singles Qualification Results

WS Qualifiers and Results
1. Sayali Gokhale [1] (IND) def Tanvi Lad (Ind) 20-22 21-19 21-15
2. Mudra Dahinje (IND) def Mohita Sahdev (Ind) 21-14 21-16
Qualifier 1 (Q1) Sayali Gokhale [1] (IND) def Mudra Dahinje (IND) 21-12 21-10
Qualified: Sayali Gokhale [1] (IND)

3. Trupti Murgunde [3] (Ind) def Dhanya Nair (Ind) 21-18 21-5
4. Anita Ohlan (Ind) def Sanyogita Ghorpade (Ind) 21-9 21-14
Qualifier 2 (Q1) Trupti Murgunde [3] (Ind) def vs Anita Ohlan (Ind) 21-15 21-14
Qualified: Trupti Murgunde [3]

5. Poon Lok Yan (HKG) def Saili Rane (Ind) 21-8 21-10
6. Arundhati Pantawane (Ind) def Tse Ying Suet [4] (HKG) 21-19 14-21 22-20
Qualifier 3 (Q1) Poon Lok Yan (HKG) def Arundhati Pantawane (Ind) 21-17 14-21 21-13
Qualified: Poon Lok Yan (HKG)

7. Sindhu Pusarla Venkata (Ind) def Thulasi P.C (Ind) 21-18 21-15
8. Neha Pandit (Ind) def Monika Fasungova [2] (SVK) 21-8 21-12
Qualifier 4 (Q1) Sindhu Pusarla Venkata (Ind) def Neha Pandit (Ind) 21-13 21-18
Qualified: Sindhu Pusarla Venkata (Ind)

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