Indian Record in Asia Cup

The Two-time World Cup Champion India, the only Asian team to achieve the feat, has also lifted the maximum number of Asia Cup trophy. Yet, on overall performance they are far behind the Asian Tigers, Sri Lanka. Defending Champion India can be probably considered the weakest team in 2012 Asia Cup, despite their impressive record in the last 10 editions of the tournament.

Asia Cup History
Sri Lanka in Asia Cup
Bangladesh in Asia Cup
Pakistan in Asia Cup

Leading Asia Cup Winner
India has won half of the Asia Cup trophy. Winning the tournament 5 times, India won the inaugural championship in 1984 and is also the defending champion winning the 2010 edition. India has reached the final on 8 occasions, losing thrice to SL, and defeating the Lankans on 5 occasions to emerge winner.

Ironically, India and Pakistan have never faced each other in Asia Cup final.

India in Asia Cup
India is the second best team of Asia Cup with regards to number of wins and matches, although it did not play 1986 Asia Cup. Overall in 9 appearances it won the tournament on 5 occasions. It has won 22 of the 36 matches played, losing 13 and one match did not produce result. India won in 1984, 1988, 1990-91, 1995 and 2010.

Team Records
Highest Total

    374/4 vs Hong Kong (2nd Highest of Cup)
    310/4 vs SL
    308/7 vs Pak
    301/4 vs Pak

Lowest Total

    169 vs Pak, 1995
    173 vs SL, 2008

Biggest Victory by Runs

    256 vs Hong Kong (biggest victory of Cup)
    116 vs UAE
    81 vs SL
    54 vs Pak

Biggest Victory by Wickets

    10 vs SL, 1984
    9 vs Ban, 1988, 1990, 1995, 1997

Biggest Loss by Runs

    100 vs SL, 2008
    97 vs Pak, 1995

Biggest Loss by Wickets

    8 vs SL, 1995
    8 vs Pak, 2008

100+ Partnerships

    198 2nd Sehwag & Raina vs Pak, 2008 (4th highest of Cup)
    175* 3rd Sidhu & Azharuddin vs SL, 1995
    166 4th Dhoni & Raina vs Hong Kong, 2008
    161 1st Prabhakar & Tendulkar vs SL, 1995
    154 2nd Tendulkar & Ganguly vs Ban, 2004
    139 3rd Gambhir & Raina vs Ban, 2008
    134 2nd Sehwag & Ganguly vs SL, 2004
    133 5th Dravid & Yuvraj vs SL, 2004
    127 1st Gambhir & Sehwag vs Hong Kong, 2008
    121 1st Raman & Sidhu vs Ban, 1990
    117 4th Dravid & Azharuddin vs SL, 1997
    112 5th Dhoni & Rohit Sharma vs Pak, 2008
    109 4th Tendulkar & Azharuddin vs SL, 1997

Individual Records
India has scored only 8 centuries with 1 century each from Dhoni, Ganguly, Dravid, Sehwag, Sidhu and Tendulkar.

    2 Raina

Indians have scored 48 half-centuriers till 2010.

    6-Sidhu, Tendulkar
    5- Dravid
    4 Azharuddin, Ganguly
    3-Dhoni, Sehwag

Highest Run Scorer

    799 Tendulkar (2nd highest scorer after Jayasuriya)
    530 Sidhu
    518 Ganguly
    509 Sehwag
    500 Dhoni
    468 Azharuddin
    462 Gambhir
    454 Raina
    334 Dravid
    312 Yuvraj
    248 Rohit Sharma

Highest Wicket Taker

    17 Irfan Pathan, Tendulkar (Joint 4th highest with Mendis and Qadir)
    15 Kapil Dev
    14 Kumble
    13 Venkatesh Prasad
    12 Sehwag

Best Bowling Spell

    5/21 Arshad Ayub
    4/6 Sehwag

Most Matches as Captain

    10-Dhoni (7 won, 3 lost)
    9 Ganguly (4 won, 5 lost)
    7 Azharuddin (5 won, 2 lost)

Indian Record in Every Edition

    Won both group match (vs SL & Pak), and final (vs SL)


    Did not Participate


    Won against Pak and Ban, Lost to SL in pool, but won the final against SL


    Won against Ban, Lost to SL in pool, but won the final against SL


    Won against Ban & SL, Lost to Pak in pool, won final against SL


    Won against Ban, NR against Pak, Lost to SL in pool and Final


    Won against Ban, Lost to Pak and SL


    Won against UAE, Lost to SL in pool, Won against Pak and Ban at Super 4s, Lost to SL in Super 4s and Final also


    Won against Pak & Hong Kong in pool, won against Ban & SL, lost to Pak in Super 4s, Lost final to SL


    Won against Pak and Ban, Lost to SL in pool, but won the final against SL

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