Is Dhoni Inspired by Kalmadi!!

Hyderabad, India: After the massive defeat against New Zealand in the first game of the Sri Lanka Triangular Series, Dhoni has a statement to make against Media’s inquiry on his views on defeat. Did Dhoni mean that the defeat was just another one for India!! If yes, then Kalmadi appears to be his inspiration as it indicates that Dhoni is not worried over the reason behind such humiliating defeat, same as Kalmadi is not worried about what is happening to India’s image with massive irregularities appearing daily against him.

Dhoni said that he has nothing different to reason, as with experience he has matured to learn that with one win media lauds and with one defeat media rips apart. But did Dhoni understand that critiques were not asking for his head over just another defeat. They were just wondering how can India loose so badly that too against a B team of New Zealand, that too on a subcontinent pitch, the same country where some days back all sorts of batting records were created.

Dhoni apparantly did not even appear to be bothered about such massive defeat. It was taken in stride as just another of many defeats, and of course wins and losses are part of the game. But, Mr. Dhoni nobody is bothered about another defeat. But, if Zimbabwe defeats India and a B team of New Zealand gives India its 4th biggest defeat ever, then suddenly its alarming. The team was almost A grade for India, the pitch was in the subcontinent, even the country and climate was more familiar for India who were there for almost 3 weeks than the New Zealand B team which landed just few days back before the game.

So, the worry is not about the defeat. Every Indian, including Dhoni should be bothered about the way of defeat. If even a 200-run defeat can not alarm one of the most successful captain of Indian Cricket, then obviously it is alarming for the country. Defeat and winning does not matter much, but the way to achieve it matters the most. That is what the media persons were asking for, whom Mr. Dhoni probably considers detractors just because they asked him a valid question.

The comparison is there to be made with Kalmadi. In organising of CWG 2010, he is also blamed for many things. He is organising a big tournament. Blames will come, But it is the way in which he is dealign with the allegation, has left all including the Indian PM worried.

Suresh Kalmadi, President of Indian Olympic Committee and the key person responsible for the Commonwealth Games 2010, has so far termed people criticising the games preparation as anti-national, has followed his own dictat so far on answering allegations of corruption worth many crores, and absolutley not-a-worthy preparation of the games that puts India’s pride low in front of the World. He has maintained one line, “The Buck Stops with me.” But, when allegations are almost proven against people directly under his nose, he just says that he will take action against them, as they are involved, not he despite the reports claiming that he has been the signatory in most of such decisions which are under questions. Now, he says I will not resign and give a successful game to the nation.

If Proven Guilty, Should Kalmadi & Co be treated as anti-nationals!!

The primary issue appearing out of his comments is that he appears to have considered himself above India’s pride. Despite involvement of millions of money on the games, which has even shocked the current Indian Sports Minister who claimed amount spent is at least 17 times higher than the quote, Kalmadi has failed all deadlines of preparation. With just less than 2 months to go, the ready stadiums are crumbling, the advertisers are running away, the broadcast deals are coming under scrutiny, all investigating agencies are flexing their muscles against irregularities reportedly committed under Kalmadi’s nose, most of them in his knowledge.

Dhoni or Kalmadi should understand it is not the result which affects the most. It is the way with which one deals with the result that affects the most. A defeat or unsuccessful attempt can be easily forgotten. But if the approach to that is an uncaring one, it is alarming and harmful for the future to come.

Unfortunately both are representing India and it’s pride, not their personal business. They will do themselves and the country good to understand that country’s pride and future is the biggest aspect of an Indian. Kalmadi’s and Dhoni’s can come and go, India and its pride is here to stay forever.

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