Knights turn 2-4 deficit to 4-4 against Royals, Others Wary!!

Kolkata Knight Riders has a knack of being in the news. They have always been the favorite of newspapers and discussions right from inception till revamp and even after auction of IPL 4.

Shahrukh Khan and Dada Glamour
When Shahrukh Khan, the Indian Superstar owned it, Knight Riders automatically became the most popular team of IPL. When Ganguly captained it, the team became the heartbeat of many Indians, specially people from Bengal. It was the first team to record profit in the very first year of its inception, despite not reaching the knockouts.

On the other hand, the high popularity led to high expectations. Dada’s aggression brought many enemies too. Soon the team was tore apart into pieces.

Dada’s captaincy was snatched and he was almost thrown out of the team, before popular sentiments and common sense of management brought him back to team and captaincy. He was at his best performance then, still for the third consecutive time KKR could not reach the knockouts. And it remained in news for being the only team to have never qualified for IPL semifinals or knockouts.

Team Revamped
After three years, teams were revamped. KKR again got into news, as it bought 2 of the top three most expensive players in the auction for IPL 2011. Gambhir and Yusuf Pathan together were worth 4.5 million. Auctions again brought KKR in news, as it was pereceived that the ex-players of KKR had no buyers. Ganguly, Gayle and some others could not find a single buyer. Ganguly was expected to be bought by Kochi, but as controversy is his best friend, he was finally not allowed to be bought by IPL considering other owners had raised objection against extra-window of buying. Surprising and confusing why anyone should have problem. But that is history!! Lets just try to gulp it with a bucket full of water.

IPL 2011 Tournament Starts
With the start of the tournament, KKR due to its team composition was perceived the second best team after the frontrunners Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. They played the first game against defending champions CSK at Chennai.

Everyone was surprised when they got into winning position. Nobody was surprised when they choked to gift the match to CSK. The old murmurs were back – KKR is jinxed, despite complete revamp its fate cannot change. Shahrukh Khan may have to sell it after IPL 4. Then came Deccan Chargers to Kolkata. Empty stands forced people to write that Dada is missed and people have decided to boycott home games. KKR won at home against DC and rushed to Jaipur for next match against Rajasthan Royals.

RR have been one of the biggest tormentor of KKR in past three editions, winning 4 matches against KKR (including a Super Over result aftet tie), and losing only 2. KKR felt humiliated by Ganguly-Warne spat as ultimately overall result was in favor of RR.

Inicidentatlly, KKR and RR were to play back-to-back matches against each other at Jaipur and Kolkata. When Royals scored 159 runs in Jaipur, appeared KKR would again lose as nobody had chased beyongd 145 runs against RR. But there appeared the golden moment. Gambhir decided to lead from the front and rest is histoy how KKR mauled RR at Jaipur. Within two-day they were to meet at Edens.

This time Edens was not so empty. Still, everyone was sceptic thinking how badly Royals will take revenge now. Watson and Warne will wreck havoc. But, again it was KKR who humiliated and forced RR into submission winning by 8 wickets chasing the third lowest total of IPL.

The deficit of 2-4 has been turned into 4-4 against Royals. Now, nobody will fear Royals in Kolkata. In fact Warne and his Royal sepoys will be wary of Riders now. And, KKR feels rejuvenated to take on anyone head on, now. Come on others, KKR is ready to face anyone!!

Already placed on the top of the group and being the only team to have won 3 consecutive matches in 2011 edition, KKR is set to reach the knockouts and from there on a new phase will start in the history of KKR.

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