Lanco International Super Series: Format and Rules

The Super Series is an effort to make Hockey more TV-firendly and interesting by changing the rules to allow more goals, and fast games. Here are the tournament facts, format and rules.

Super Series Hockey 2011: India Telecast Time
Schedule and Results
Team List

Tournament Facts

    Host: Australia
    Duration: 20-23 Oct, 2011
    Matches: 4 each (20,21,22 Oct), 3 with final (23 Oct)
    Venue: Perth Hockey Stadium, Australia
    Format: 3 days of Round matches decide the finalists for final day
    Participating Nations: Australia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, New Zealand (Part of Commonwealth Nations group)


    Each match of two halves of 15 minutes each, with 5 minutes break.
    A playing team comprises of 9 players.
    1 player stays in attacking half.
    Unlimited substitution allowed any time without breaking the speed of game.
    Penalty corner will have 4 players attacking and 3 players defending, including the goalkeeper.
    Penlaty stroke is 1:1.
    Goal Size is increased to 1 meter.

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