Lanco International Super Series: Schedule and Results

Five teams are participating in the tournament. Malaysia will participate only in Women’s event, along with Australia and India, while New Zealand and Pakistan join Australia and India for Men’s event.

Day 1 Summary
Super Series Hockey 2011: India Telecast Time
Lanco International Super Series: Format and Rules
Team List

Time represents Western Australia time
Aus=Australia, Ind=India, Mal=Malaysia, NZ=New Zealand, Pak=Pakistan

For Men’s event, all the four teams will play a match each on all the four days. Fourth day will have two matches that includes the final and the 3-4 position decider. India and Pakistan meet again to decide 3rd position, while Australia and New Zealand play the finals.

Men’s Schedule

Date Time Team A Team B Winner Score
20 Oct 19.30 Aus Pak Aus 3-2
20 Oct 20.15 Ind NZ NZ 6-3
21 Oct 19.30 Aus NZ Aus 7-1
21 Oct 20.15 Ind Pak None 1-1
22 Oct 12.30 Pak NZ None 1-1
22 Oct 14.50 Aus Ind Aus 4-1
23 Oct, 3rd Place 13.00 Ind Pak Pak 4-1
23 Oct, Final 15.45 Aus NZ Aus 5-3

For Women’s event, one team will play two matches, while other two teams will play a match each on first three days to decide the finalists. Final will be played on the final day. With just one draw to boast, Malaysia finished a poor third. India and Australia clash in the final.

Women’s Schedule

Date Time Team A Team B Winner Score
20 Oct 18.00 Mal Ind Ind 3-1
20 Oct 18.45 Aus Mal Aus 2-1
21 Oct 18.00 Aus Mal Aus 2-0
21 Oct 18.45 Ind Aus None 1-1
22 Oct 13.15 Mal Ind None 1-1
22 Oct 14.05 Aus Ind Aus 3-2
23 Oct, Final 14.10 Aus Ind Aus 4-1

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