London Olympics 2012 Day 15: Medal Winners

16 Golds on Aug 10 saw USA extending the lead on top.

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Women’s 4 x 100m Relay

    Gold: USA
    Silver: Jamaica
    Bronze: Ukraine

Women’s Hammer Throw

    Gold: Tatyana Lysenko (Russia)
    Silver: Anita Wlodarczyk (Poland)
    Bronze: Betty Heidler (Germany)

Women’s 5000m

    Gold: Meseret Defar (Ethiopia)
    Silver: Jepkemoi (Kenya)
    Bronze: Dibaba (Ethiopia)

Men’s Pole Vault

    Gold: Renaud Lavillenie (France)
    Silver: Bjorn Otto (Germany)
    Bronze: Raphael Holzdeppe (Germany)

Men’s 4 x 400m Relay

    Gold: Bahamas
    Silver: USA
    Bronze: Trinidad&Tobago

Women’s 1500m

    Gold: Asli Cakir (Turkey)
    Silver: Gamze Bulut (Turkey)
    Bronze: Maryam Yusuf Jamal (Bahrain)

Men’s BMX

    Gold: Maris Strombergs (Latvia)
    Silver: Sam Willoughby (Australia)
    Bronze: Carlos Mario (Colombia)

Women’s BMX

    Gold: Mariana Pajon (Colombia)
    Silver: Sarah Walker (New Zealand)
    Bronze: Laura Smulders (Netherland)

Hockey Women’s

    Gold: Netherlands
    Silver: Argentina
    Bronze: Great Britain

Men’s 470

    Gold: Belcher/Page (Australia)
    Silver: Bithell/Patience (Great Britain)
    Bronze: De La Fue/Calabre (Argentina)

Women’s 470

    Gold: Aleh/Powrie (New Zealand)
    Silver: Mills/Clark (Great Britain)
    Bronze: Westerhof/Berkhout (Netherland)

Swimming Men’s 10km Marathon

    Gold: Mellouli (Tunisia)
    Silver: Thomas Lurz (Germany)
    Bronze: Richard Weinberger (Canada)

Synchronized Swimming Women’s Team Routine

    Gold: Russia
    Silver: China
    Bronze: Spain

Men’s 80kg TBD

    Gold: Eduardo (Argentina)
    Silver: Nicolas (Spain)
    Bronze: Muhammad (Britain) & Sarmiento (Italy)

Women’s 67Kg

    Gold: Seon Kyung Hwang (South Korea)
    Silver: Nur Tatar (Turkey)
    Bronze: McPherson (USA) & Fromm (Germany)

Men’s 55kg Freestyle

    Gold: Dzhamal (Russia)
    Silver: Vladimer (Georgia)
    Bronze: Yumoto (Japan) & Yang Ki (North Korea)

Men’s 74kg Freestyle

    Gold: Burroughs (USA)
    Silver: Goudarzi (Iran)
    Bronze: Tigiev (Uzbekistan) & Tsargush (Russia)

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