Memorable Test Debut for Praveen: Banned from Bowling

Praveen Kumar had a sensational debut. He struck thrice and was looking forward to a 5-wicket haul in his first test innings. But, he was banned from bowling further.

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His aggression is known to all. His non-smily face is also always in the talks. Yet, he did nothing aggressive to earn the memorable debut.

He broke the back of Carribeans with his triple strike, taking the wickets of Barath, who was threatening to snatch the momentum from India’s hand, Darren Bravo, compared with Brian Lara and Nash. But he could only bowl 18 overs. His debut would be more memorable for him, for his ban. He is banned by the on-field umpires for running over the pitch. After two warnings, when he ran again on the pitch for third time, the umpire immediately banned him.

Consolation for India is that he can bowl in the second innings.

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