Olympics 2012 Qualifier: Men Schedule

All the 6 participating teams will play 5 pool matches and based on the points table will decide the team positions on 26th Feb.

Points Table
Qualifier Results

*Timing is in IST.
Men’s Match Schedule
1. Canada vs Italy, 18th Feb, 2p.m.
2. France vs Poland, 18th Feb, 4p.m.
3. India vs Singapore, 18th Feb, 8p.m.

4. Canada vs Poland, 19th Feb, 2p.m.
5. France vs Singapore, 19th Feb, 4p.m.
6. India vs Italy, 19th Feb, 8p.m.

7. Canada vs Singapore, 21st Feb, 2p.m.
8. Poland vs Italy, 21st Feb, 4p.m.
9. India vs France, 21st Feb, 8p.m.

10. Poland vs Singapore, 22nd Feb, 2p.m.
11. Italy vs France, 22nd Feb, 4p.m.
12. India vs Canada, 22nd Feb, 8p.m.

13. Singapore vs Italy, 24th Feb, 2p.m.
14. France vs Canada, 24th Feb, 4p.m.
15. India vs Poland, 24th Feb, 8p.m.

16. Pool 5th-6th Position, 26th Feb, 3p.m.
17. Pool 3rd-4thth Position, 26th Feb, 5.30p.m.
18. Pool 1st-2nd Position, 26th Feb, 8p.m.

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