Pakistan Cricket: Swinging Pitch or Mind!!

Birmingham, England: In the 2nd test between Pakistan and England, after batting first Pakistan team is folded within another lowest score. Their 4th lowest score in their cricket history and new lowest against England, breaking the earlier record created in last test.

Pakistan Lowest Total Against Test Playing Countries

Pakistan’s Top 10 Lowest Test Total

England Pitches Support Swing
The world knows that the pitches in England support swing. That is the reason which encourages England to fold the opponents by using just 3 fast bowlers. In many of the matches they do use 4th bowler or more just to give rest to the top three swing experts.

Yet, in two tests no team has probably gone on creeating their lowest test scores, below 100. Pakistan, the one-time world champions are least expected to throw 10 wickets under 100 twice in two consecutive test matches. After all they have already been acclimatized to these conditions, considering they have also played Australia just before the current series against the host England.

Swing In the Mind
Cricket, like many other games, is said to be the game of mind. Half the game is won in mind. Often, opponents sow the seed of fear in the mind. But, with Pakistan the opponents can relax off-field and go for personal pleasure rather than throwing verbal volleys. Pakistani Cricket is considered the most unpredictable, despite having one of the best talents in the world.

The country is undergoing disturbing violent activities and now even the flood has created havoc. If that was not enough, then even the Pakistani Cricket Board has decided to make disturbing decisions in between the tour. They did not have time to wait for team to finish the series.

Are Young Turks Distracted!!
The currrent Pakistani team is full of young turks who have defeated Australia and also bowled them to one of their lowest score of 88 runs. Any team would have gathered inspiration from it. Even the newly appointed captain, Salman Butt taking reins midway of the series from Shahid Afridi in another Pakistan-special decisions, had all the reasons to boom with confidence before the England series. Yet, 2 lowest test scores in first two test matches against England have thrown the question that is it lack of talent and exposure to international cricket or are the young turks distracted!!

Possible Reasons
Power is often temporary in Pakistan. Power often turns most of the leaders against almost anyone they had known. Salman Butt is just another example.

Despite being thrashed by England in the first test, although their bowlers did a decent job, the newly appointed young captain, Salman Butt has the courage to criticise inclusion of senior Yousuf in the team. On the other hand Kamran Akhmal faces the ire of the board now, in between the series. The players have not even forgotten the low total of first test, when they were hit by another low score performance, their new record of low total against England.

After this continous humiliation and disturbing conditions at home, probably the swing is playing more important role in mind than the pitches. If pitches were having all the devils, Pakistan players could have practiced aginst their swing specialist bowlers who bowled Australia out just for 88 runs.

Food for Thought: It is all there in the mind. But Pakistani players can do a favor by keeping their mind on game rather than unwarranted situation. At least they are playing International pitches and they should do their best to cherish the occasion with enthusiasm rather than being intimidated by situations and pitches,

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