Pakistan Followed India – Now India’s Turn to Return Favor

Pakistan has reached the semifinal of World Cup 2011. Now, India plays Australia to decide their fate. Pakistan has already followed India twice, in 2007 and in 2011. Now, can India return the favor and set up the much-awaited semi-final clash with Pakistan!!

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India and Pakistan have been doing similar stuff since 2007. In 2007, when India were knocked out, Pakistan showed solidarity and got themselves knocked out. Although their knockout led to police verification while India’s knockout led to face irate fans at home.

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In 2011, by defeating West Indies Pakistan has again followed India, only this time they have taken forward the first step to meet their envied neighbours in semifinal, a match before what anybody would have liked. Everyone would have preferred both to meet in the final. Now, India faces Australia and has the chance to return favor to their neighbours and accept their friendship desire to meet at the World arena in semifinals.

It cannot be just a coincidence that India and Pakistan face each other’s lasst group match opponent in the quarter-finals. Pakistan faced Australia in their last group match and broke their 34 match winning streak in World Cup. India is set to face the Australians in the 2nd quarter-final.

India defeated West Indies in their last group match to finish second in the group. Pakistan decimated West Indies in the first quarter-final. Pakistan saw how India played the West Indiens and learnt the tricks so fast that it resulted in inflicting the worst-ever defeat of West Indies in the tournament, which literally belonged to them during its first three editions, unless Kapil Dev’s India brought them down in 1983 finals.

Pakistan has already defeated the high-flying Australians in the group match. Can India take the cue from the game and use the tips to inflict defeat on the Aussies? We must wait till the game finishes today to see if India is as good a learner and follower of Pakistan is, as Pakistan is of India.

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