PBL 2017 Player Performance: HS Prannoy and 3 Doubles Team Unbeaten After First Three Legs

Premier Badminton league winners

Premier Badminton League 2017 is full of world champions. Axelsen, Jorgensen, Srikanth Kidambi, Saina, Marin and many more are just some of those big names. But, after third leg HS Prannoy has surprised all by remaining undefeated and in the process making Mumbai Rockets the only team who have won all their matches. Besides Prannoy, Mumbai’s Men’s Doubles team of Lee/Nipitphon, and Mixed Doubles team from Awadhe Warriors and Chennai Smashers have remained unbeaten. Individually, Lee from Mumbai leads the pack of players from all 6 teams winning 4 matches (Winning one Mixed Doubles too). Yet, after minimum 3 matches each, HS Prannoy and Chris Adcock from Chennai (Winning one Men’s Doubles too) are the only unbeaten player left in the Premier Badminton League 2017 so far.

Premier Badminton League 2017: Schedule and Results

After the completion of third leg and 8 Tie, as every team has played at least two matches each, there have been only four instances where the player(s) have not lost any match and won 3 together. HS Prannoy of Mumbai Rockets is the only Singles player to have won all the three matches, while Men’s Doubles team of Mumbai Rockets have also won three without losing any. Lee Yong and Nipitphon are joined by other two doubles team in this feat of remaining unbeaten and winning three matches till the end of third leg. Savitree and Bodin Issara of Awadhe Warriors with the couple in Chennai Smashers team, Gabrielle Adcock and Chris Adcock have remained unbeaten so far. Besides these wins, Lee and Chris Adcock are the only players to have won 4 matches each as they have participated in Mixed and Men’s Doubles, respectively too. Lee lost one Mixed Doubles match playing with Zieba.

HS Prannoy: Won 3 in 3 for Mumbai Rockets
The Indian star started his campaign of Premier Badminton League 2017 with a straight set win of 11-9 11-9 vs Son Wan Ho. He tamed compatriot Sameer Verma for his second win. But, the biggest win came against Vincent Wong Wing Ki of Awadhe Warriors as HS Prannoy being the trump player of his team won the Tie for Mumbai.

Lee/Nipitphon: Won 3 in 3 for Mumbai Rockets
Lee and Nipitphon has been phenomenal. They have beaten major international teams. Their first win was against Ivanov / Sozonov, then they defeated Tan/Tan and the last win came after a tough fight of 11-7 3-11 13-11 against Goh Shem/Markis Kido (Awadhe Warriors) that gave their team the crucial lead.

Bodin Issara/ Savitree Amitrapai: Won 3 in 3 for Awadhe Warriors
They have been the most convincing ones from Awadhe Warriors so far and it is not Saina or Srikanth but this Mixed Doubles team who has remained unbeaten so far in 3 matches. They started campaign defeating Satwik/Wah 11-9, 12-10 and then at home they first blanked Ivanov/ Gutta 12-10 11-5 and even when their team lost they won the trump points defeating Zieba/Nipithphon (Mum) 11-8, 11-4 .

Chris Adcock / Gabrielle Adcock: Won 2 in 2 for Chennai Smashers
While Chris also played a Men’s Doubles and won 3, the couple from Britain Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock have won both their matches convincingly. They have started the campaign with an easy won over Satwik/Wah 11-7 11-9 and then defeated the Trump of Mumbai Song-Hyun/Seong by 11-7 7-11 13-11

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