Performance Over, Prayers Work: Dipa Enters Vault Finals

Outstanding performance and good wishes of billions get Dipa into the elusive Top 8 Club of Individual Vault Finalists at Rio Olympics to be held on Aug 14.
Dipa Karmakar participated in Subdivision 3 Qualification group for the Artistic Women’s Gymnastics Final. Before that two Subdivision Qualification were over, and now as Subdivision 4 and 5 are scheduled by the end of Day 2, Dipa Karmakar has a slim hope to reach the Finals in Vault Category. For her to enter finals, from the next two subdivisions more than two gymnasts should not cross her score of Vault. She did her job. Now, time for prayers. Check her Allround score and individual score for every category and where she stands in all in comparison of gymnasts from first three subdivisions.

Indian Gymnastics History at Olympics

Dipa Karmakar: Qualification Round from Subdivision 3
Allround 51.665

    Subdivision 3: 27th
    Subdivision 2: 16 ahead
    Subdivision 1: 6 ahead

Vault: 15.100

    Subdivision 3: 6th
    Subdivision 2: 2 ahead
    Subdivision 1: 1 ahead

Uneven Bars: 11.666

    Subdivision 3: 46 ahead
    Subdivision 2: 31 ahead
    Subdivision 1: 14 ahead

Balance Beam: 12.866

    Subdivision 3: 37 ahead
    Subdivision 2: 22 ahead
    Subdivision 1: 11 ahead

Floor Exercise: 12.033

    Subdivision 3: 43 ahead
    Subdivision 2: 27 ahead
    Subdivision 1: 14 ahead

In the next two subdivisions, among others there are gymnasts from USA, Japan and Canada.

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