Questions Unlimited for Blunder-fill Captain Dhoni!!

Considering the performance of India against England, I am sure many questions will like to ask some questions. Bowling department, fielding and batting department has always been talked about. But, is it time to talk about Captaincy Department!!

Match Review: India Vs England
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Here are some questions considering the match situation:

    1. Why was a batsmen-in-form Virat Kohli who plays with good strike rate also not sent at his usual position?
    2. When India batted and the run rate was already 6 runs per over, why was batting powerplay taken so early?
    3. Even in batting powerplay, when Tendulkar was out, why did Dhoni came, instead of Kohli or Pathan?
    4. Batting powerplay is to try and score extra runs. If Dhoni had come just to take singles, Kohli being in-form should have done that easily too. Why did Dhoni come? Did he come to replace Kohli or Pathan?
    5. Even after powerplay why was no effort made to reach a score of 375 or more, when India were once in position of doing so?
    6. Harbhajan and Zaheer could not score even when India was not under pressure to score. Would Dhoni still consider his bowlers Harbhajan and Zaheer as useful allrounders or would he consider involving players on bench now?
    7. While fielding, why was spin not introduced in first 10 overs when fast bowlers were completely ineffective, specially considering Yuvraj has a good knack for disturbing Pietersen and his wickets?
    8. Why was Harbhajan bowling 4th over of the batting powerplay, when Chawla gave just 2 runs in the 2nd over of the powerplay?
    9. Should not Dhoni have saved Harbhajan’s last over to be used in the final 2 overs, as Zaheer has already completedhis quota of overs?
    10. Last but not the least, why does he and his BOYS appear content by touching around 300 and ease down in last 10 overs, when they could easily score much more than that considering their performance in first 40 overs?

This has happened in both the matches now.


  1. hmmm, i totally agree with the questions raised on, dhoni is riding on luck right from his career initial days, if Gambhir would be in the place of Dhoni in this world cup..he will rock..wht say guys….

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