Women’s World Boxing Championships 2010: Results of Indian Boxers

Barbados: The Indian Women Boxing team sent 1 participant each for 10 events. Out of 10, 2 boxers have reached the semifinals, ensuring at least 2 medals for India. In 48 Kg, Mary won her record 5th title, while in 81+ Kg event Kavita reached bronze by reaching semifinal. Here is a list of performances by all the 10 women boxers in the 6th Women’s Boxing World Championships at Barbados.

Medal Winners
48 Kg
Mary Kom won Gold
Final def Duta Seluta (Romania) 16-6
SF def Aparri (Philippines)
QF Round HOLDAWAY (Wales)
2nd round def Smith (Australia)
1st round def Lungo-Vesenne (Sweden)

81+ Kg
Kavita won Bronze Medal
SF lost to Kuzhel (Ukraine)
QF def Hosu (Romania)
2nd Round Bye
1st Round No matches

Other Indian Participants
51 Kg
2nd Round lost to Yazici (Turkey)
1st Round def KULESHOVA (Russia)

54 Kg
Lost in 1st Round to Zhang (China)

57 Kg
2nd Round lost to Thongjan (Thailand)
1st Round def Simbi (Kenya)

60 Kg
2nd Round lost to Taylor (Ireland)
1st Round Bye

64 Kg
Lost in 1st Round to Jackson (USA)

69 Kg
Lost in 1st Round to STROHMAYER (Germany)

75 Kg
Lost in 1st Round to SAGAYDAKOVSKAYA (Russia)

81 Kg
QF lost to Volnova (Kazakhastan)
2nd Round def Burgos (Ecuador)
1st Round No matches

Note: The results will be updated after semifinal matches.

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