Rop 2016: Dipa Karmakar Gets India an Olympic Gymnastics Berth after 52 Years

Dipa Karmakar, the 22 year old already legendary Gymnast of India will compete in the women’s artistic gymnastics event of 2016 Olympics. She has already been creating new records for India and has been acknowledged as “World Class Gymnast” by International Federation of Gymnasts. Earlier in 1964, 1956 and 1952 Olympics Indians participated in Gymnastics. Check the Schedule for Dipa and history of Indian Gymnasts at Olympics.

Profile of Dipa Karmakar

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7-16 Aug Dipa Karmakar Artistic Event

1964 at Tokyo was the last time when an Indian Gymnast participated in Olympics.
1964: Vithal Karande, Bandu Bhosle, Darshan Mondal, Jagmal More, Anant Ram and Trilok Singh
1956: Sham Lal, Anant Ram and Pritam Singh
1952: Khushi Ram, Vir Singh

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