Sir Bradman loses two in a test at SSC Colombo

SSC Colombo, Sri Lanka: Bradman earned his records by playing in one of the most toughest cricketing conditions against tough bowling conditions. He finished his career creating all sorts of batting records, many of them are yet to fall even after 60 years. With grounds like SSC Colombo, where two major Bradman record falling in a single test, Bradman records might be soon a talk of the past.

On the fourth day of the 2nd test between India and Sri Lanka, the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar scored his 5th double century and saved India from the follow-on. The feat became a record when he made 150 runs. This was the 18th instance of him making 150 or more runs, breaking the long standing record of Sir Don Bradman.

Earlier on Day 2 of this match, Mahela Jayawerdene has scored a century (174 runs) and broke another record of Bradman by hitting his 10th century on the same ground. Bradman has held the record of hitting 9 centuries on one ground till now.

With the onset of 20-20 and batsmen-friendly SSC Colombo type pitches in test matches, soon his batting average can be also history.

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