T20 World Cup Team Profile: Australian Performance

Entering the semifinals thrice, 2014 T20 World Cup was their worst as they could won only one match and bowled out below 100 runs once, still after Sri Lanka, they have the most number of wins as they have registered 18 wins, one more than India and South Africa (before 2014 WC semifinals). With four captains in five World Cup they are constantly innovating. Here is a complete record on team and individual performances, as well as records against them so far in World Cups.

2014 T20 WC Schedule and Results

Captains and Wicketkeepers

    George Bailey led in 2014, with Brad Haddin is the wicketkeeper.
    George Bailey led in 2012, with Matthew Wade is the wicketkeeper.
    Michael Clarke led in 2010. Brad Haddin was the wicketkeeper.
    2009 Ricky Ponting was the captain, Brad Haddin was the wicketkeeper.
    2007 Adam Gilchrist was the Captain and Wicketkeeper.

Overall Performance

    Australia has played 30 players in four T20 WCs.
    They have won 18 matches and lost 13 till the end of 5th World Cups. In 2007 lost and won 3 each. In 2009 lost both Group stage match. In 2010 lost the final match and won 6. In 2012 lost the semifinal and a match at Super Eight. In 2014, lost 3 and won only 1 at group stage.
    Brad Haddin and Shane Watson are the only Aussies to have appeared in all the five World Cups.
    With 197/7 (vs Pak in 2010) as their highest total, they have failed to cross 200-run barrier so far.
    10 wickets victory by them (vs Sri Lanka in 2007 Super Eight match) is the best win by wickets in World Cup.
    Australia has crossed 200-run mark overall 4 times in T20 (all outside World Cup matches).
    They have been bowled out only once in 15 matches. Pakistan bowled them out in 2010 at Group Stage.
    205/4 by West Indies in 2012 semifinal is the highest score by any team against Australia.
    Australian chase of the total (191 of Pak) is the 2nd best chase in T20 World Cup history.
    87 is the lowest score by any team (Sri Lanka) and the only below 100-run total against Australia. Australia has bowled out other teams in 7 matches (Sri Lanka twice, Pak, Ind, ENg, Ban and WI once each).

Batting Records
Highest Scorers
156 by Aaron Finch is their only century even outside T20 World Cup in 20 over format.

    50s and 6s

      Overall 12 half-centuries are credited to Australia.
      With 18 half-centuries, Aussies have 127 sixes against their name in T20 WC.
      85* by Cameron White is their highest individual score in T20 WC.
      8 times Michael Hussey remained unbeaten in WC.
      With 437 runs Michael Hussey is their most successful batsman in WC. Behind him are Watson (434), Warner (344), Hayden (265), White (240), and David Hussey (234).

    Bowling Records
    137 wickets taken by Aussies in last 4 WCs.
    Highest Wickettaker
    With 36 wickets Michael Johnson is their best bowler in T20 format. Tait and Brett Lee (28 each), Nannes (27) and Shane Watson (24) are other leading bowlers from Australia.

      Michael Johnson with 20 wickets in 3 World Cup is their best bowler. Although 14 wickets by Nannes (2nd best) and 12 wickets by Stuart Clark (3rd best) was the most impactful in 2010 and 2007, respectively. Watson also has 14 wickets.

    Most Economical

      With 5.53 (23.4 overs in 7 matches) Shaun Tait is the most economical Australian bowler. Stuart Clark’s 6.00 (24 overs in 6 matches) is the only other instance of economy rate below 6.00 by Aussies.

    Worst Economy

      Among bowlers who have more than 10 overs Symonds has the worst economy rate. His 9.71 (11.5 overs in 6 matches) is just above 9.38 by Shane Watson (47.4 overs) in 15 matches.

    Best Bowling
    4/15 by Shane Watson (vs England in 2011) is the best performance by Australian outside World Cup.

      4/18 by Nannes (2010) and 4/20 by Stuart Clark (2007) are the most successful permormances.

    Most Expensive

      1/56 by Brett Lee (2009 vs WI) is the most expensive spell by an Australian bowler in World Cup. This is the only instance of any Aussie bowler conceding 50+ runs in the T20 World Cup.


      5 maiden overs bowled by Aussies in T20 World Cup.

    Team Records
    Victory Statistics

      10 wickets victory against Sri Lanka in 2007 Super Eight contest is their biggest victory by wickets.
      58 balls remaining was the biggest margin they achieved in winning in World Cup in their huge 10 wicket win against Lankans.
      27 runs is their narrowest

      Losses Statistics

        In the 8 matches lost by Australia, 74 runs loss against West Indies is their biggest.
        7 wickets losses against West Indies (2007) and England (2010 Final) is Australia’s biggest loss in terms of Wicket.
        25 is their biggest loss in terms of balls remaining when West Indies defeated them by 7 wickets in 2009 Group Match.

      Overall T20 Record of Australia
      Australia has played 71 T20s, winning 35 of them, playing a tie each with New Zealand and Pakistan, and losing 33. One match against England was abandoned.

        vs England played 12, won 7 and lost 4, 1 abandoned.
        vs Pakistan played 12, won 4, lost 8, tie 1.
        vs West Indies played 11, won 5, lost 6.
        vs South Africa played 9, won 5 and lost 4.
        vs Sri Lanka played 8, won 2 and lost 6.
        vs India played 9, won 4 and lost 5.
        vs New Zealand played 5 with 4 wins and a tie.
        vs Bangladesh played 3 and won all.
        Vs Ireland won their only game.
        vs Zimbabwe played one and lost.

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