Tri-Series in Sri Lanka

Hyderabad, India: One of the last teams to join big league, before Bangladesh, welcomed Tri-Series and one-day Cricket with warmth. It is one of the Test countries where tri-series is now alive.

History of 50 overs Triangular Series
First-ever Cricket Triangular Series

Results of Sri Lankan Tri-series

    1986 John Player Trophy (NZ Pak SL) – won by Pakistan
    1999 – Aiwa Cup (Aus, Ind, SL) – won by Sri Lanka
    2000 – Singer Triangular Series (SL, SA, Pak) – won by Sri Lanka
    2001 – Coca-Cola Cup (SL, Ind, NZ) – won by Sri Lanka
    2001- LG Abans Triangular Series (SL, WI, Zim) – won by Sri Lanka
    2003 – Bank Alfalah Cup (SL, NZ, Pak) – won by New Zealand
    2005-IndianOil Cup (SL, Ind, WI) – won by Sri Lanka
    2009 – Compaq Cup 2009 (SL, India, New Zealand) – Ind won

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