Under 21 Volvo Invitational Women’s Hockey: Goal Statistics

After the six matches in two rounds, 22 goals were scored. Matla of Netherlands have become the first to score a hattrick. See the list of individual goal scorers and goals scored and conceded by teams.

Results: Men’s, Women’s
Goal Statistics of Men’s Event
Individual Goal Scorers of Tournament
3: Frederique Matla
1: Bingfeng Gu, Meng Yuan, Mengling Zhong (China), Hannah Martin, Rebecca Van Berkel (England), Viktoria Huse, Elisia Grave, Kira Horn, Tessa-Margot Schubert, Anne Winter (Germany), Rani Rampal, Anupa Barla, Jaspreet Kaur, Lilima Minz (India), Carmen Wijsman, Kiki van Wijk, Pleun van der Plas (Netherlands), Amy Robinson, Kelsey Smith (New Zealand)

Goals Scored by Teams

    6: Netherlands
    5: Germany
    4: India
    3: China
    2: England, New Zealand

Goals Conceded by Teams

7: England, Germany
5: India
2: New Zealand
1: China
0: Netherlands

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