Under 21 Volvo Invitational Women’s Hockey: Schedule and Results

Starting from July 19th, the Volvo Invitational Women’s Hockey tournament hosts under 21 teams of 6 nations. Rani is leading the Indian team in the tournament. Check the Indian Squad and results of all teams.

Under 21 Volvo Invitational Men’s Hockey: Schedule and Results
Goal Statistics: Men’s Event, Women’s Event

Participating Nations
Netherlands, Germany, India, China, England

Schedule in Local Time
Rest Days: July 20, July 23
July 19

    16:30 Netherlands def India 1-0 (Carmen Wijsman (33))
    18:45 England Vs New Zealand 2-2

      England: Hannah Martin 41 (PC), Rebecca Van Berkel 57 (PC)
      New Zealand: Amy Robinson 15 (FG), Kelsey Smith 66 (PC)

    20:30 China def Germany 3-1

      China: Bingfeng Gu, Meng Yuan (37), Mengling Zhong (68)
      Germany: Viktoria Huse (58)

July 21

    20:45 Germany vs India 4-4

      India: Rani Rampal, Anupa Barla, Jaspreet Kaur, Lilima Minz
      German: Elisia Grave, Kira Horn, Tessa-Margot Schubert, Anne Winter

    22:30 China vs New Zealand
    22:45 Netherlands def England 5-0

      Kiki van Wijk, Pleun van der Plas, Frederique Matla (3)

July 22

    20:30 England vs Germany
    20:45 Netherlands Vs New Zealand
    22:30 India vs China

July 24

    16:45 England vs China
    18:45 India Vs New Zealand
    20:45 Germany vs Netherlands

July 25

    16:45 England vs India
    19:00 Netherlands Vs China
    21:15 Germany vs New Zealand

July 26

    14:45 No. 6 vs No. 5
    16:30 No. 4 vs No. 3
    17:00 No. 2 vs No. 1

Indian Women’s Squad and Management
Coaching & Support Staff: Mathias Ahrens and NS Saini (Coaches), Helen Mary (Manager), Arshiya Zamir (Physiotherapist), Amutha Prakash (Video Analyst)
Captain: Rani
Vice Captains: Namita Toppo, Navjot Kaur
Goalkeepers: Inderpreet Kaur, Shweta
Defenders: Deep Grace Ekka, Namita Toppo, Gurjit Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur, Manjit Kaur, Rashmita Minz
Midfielders: Lily Chanu Mayengbam, Lilima Minz, Navjot Kaur, Renuka Yadav, Preeti Dubey
Forwards: Anupa Barla, Rani, Punam Barla, Navneet Kaur, Navpreet Kaur

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