Unlike Lalit Modi, Kalmadi gets just blames and no praise

Hyderabad, India: Suresh Kalmadi has been in news for many years or more than a decade now. With the key person overseeing the hosting of Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi, India he was awaiting for the accolades and respect from all after 14th October. Yet while the much awaited date is more than 60 days away, he has already been on the receiving end for irregularities of all sorts.

Lalit Modi globalized Indian Cricket fashinably and India became the powerhouse of not only Cricket but other sporting events too, owing to the respect gained by the money involved and adulation gained by flashy and successful organization of Indian Premier League 20-20 Cricket Tournament for 3 years. Crores were spent in the 45-day event or fair of Cricket unmatched in its territory. Unfortunately, when entire world was going gaga over the managing skills of Modi, the allegations of financial and other irregularities running into millions brought him down.

Suresh Kalmadi has been at the powerful position of Indian Sports for a very long time. He never got the chance to prove his worth. FInally Commonwealth Games 2010 gave him the opportunity to make his country respect him for brining honours to the country by showcasing the best-ever event of multi-sports Commonwealth Games.

The preparations showed he was doing his best. The proposed budget, at the time of planning and bidding for the games, overshot 17 times, according to recent comment of one of the ruling ministers of central government of India. The expenditure went around 35,000 crores.

Everybody expected that after spending such a huge amount of money, creating a record of Commonwealth in terms of expenditure surpassing Melbourne CWG 2006, Delhi and India will have one of the best stadiums and arena which could be utilized for years to come to produce world-class athletes. Suresh Kalmadi was set to become the most popular person of India.

Alas!! Even when he was muscling his way against the withdrawal of top-rated atheletes from “his” Commonwealth Games, others conspired to bring him down. First came the newspapers which sniffed various irregularities, then came the supporting statements from Indian High Commission of UK, Vigilance Committees, ministers from ruling government – ironically who are his own party colleagues- the oppostion and then finally the Congress which is distancing itself from Kalmadi, who would have been the best Indian star of the future in around two and half months.

Kalmadi has selected counterattacks for his destractors. While he called one of the minister anti-national, he has his own take against media and even Indian High Commission. The tone was stern in the beginning. Slowly with further voices raising up against him, with proofs of the misdeed committed by his committee and even the Commonwealth Games Leadership at global level showing concern, his tone has mellowed down.

Now, last heard he has set a 3-member committee to look into the allegations of irregularities. The commitee will report to him and he will then make sure that if someone is found guilty, he will be brought to the book. Very appreciable effort to show he is the real star.

Yet, some uncomfortable questions remain unanswered.

    How will his commitee find irregularities against him, as some proof blame him directly?
    What action will he take against the culprits, if he is one of them?
    Who will compensate for the SHAME and bad name forced on Mother India?

Probably, everybody including Kalmadi is too busy in fighting against their respective odds and calculating their personal benefits, including the Indian government. Who has the time to think about India’s face in threat of receiving a major jolt!!

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