West Indies: The Smiling and Dancing Assasins Bring Back Carribean Music

West Indies were considered favorites before the T20 World Cup. The tag suited them with the presence of players who are already leaving their footprints on T20 events in different countries, despite their own country not being able to rise upto the past glory. Yet, the big question was can they unite and win the trophy. On October 7th, 2012 their T20 World Cup win brings a smile back not only to the face of their own fans, but also the Cricket fans all around the World.

T20 World Cup 2012: Schedule and Results

The Smiling and Dancing Assasins
The new breed of West Indies Cricket team have shown in the past that they play game with aggression but behave like a gentleman even on field. While they were losing, the behaviour was not noticed. But when they won the T20 World Cup Tournament even the fans of opposite camps loved them. They won, but did not show any disrespect to the opponents, on the field or off the field. They simply showed that big victories are possible even without disgracing yourselves trying to abuse the opponents.

Mankad of Gayle
In one of the matches while Gayle was bowling, he could have Mankad the runner for leaving the crease without the ball being bowled. Yet, what he did was entertaining all and passing the message at the same time. With his act and big smile he showed the batsman, without talking to him, that he can be out if he repeats the act. The message was taken with respect by the runner. The same incident happened in another match between other teams. It did not went unnoticed that the bowler made sure to warn the runner in strong words. Generally that is the trend of aggressive cricket.

Matches Against Australia and Sri Lanka
West Indies played Australia and Sri Lanka twice in the tournament. After losing at group stage, they defeated Australia in the semifinals. After losing heavily in Super Eight, they defeated the Sri Lankans comfortably in the final. In both the matches they lost, the aggression and arrogance of opponents was visible to everyone. In fact, Australians had claimed earlier that inflicing verbal assaults is part of their aggression. Yet, when West Indies won the semifinals and final against both these teams, respectively, despite facing some verbal assault during their losses, they did not try even once to take the verbal revenge. The opponents may get a lesson.

Win the Match, Win the Hearts of Opponents
Gayle’s example is one of the many acts of players from West Indies that proves how a team can win the game, defeat the opponents yet win their hearts too. Most the teams get aggressive when they are in winning positions. Yet, the examples shown by West Indies is unique.

While opponents try to treat the losers badly, West Indies team members treat them with their smiles and dance. Can anyone forget the dance of Gayle, Sammy, Bravo and other West Indies team members during the tournament and finally after winning the World Cup.

The celebration by dance and acrobatics by Carribean players was claimed by commentators as the most unique celebration they have ever seen after winning a championship.

For the sake of good Cricket, West Indies is back to winning habits. For the sake of Healthy Cricket, West Indies has won.

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