Who will be the best Bowler of the Tournament!!

World Cup 2011 has surprisingly been a successful for the tournament. The subcontinent pitch was expected to be the batsmen paradise. But, the 48 matches played till final bowlers held edge over batsmen. Afridi is the front runner for the best bowler of the tournament with 21 wickets. Can Zaheer Khan, with 19 wickets, match Afridi’s number, if not cross!!

Highest Wicket Taking Bowlers of WC 2011

Frontline Runners
Shahid Afridi has set the mark of 21 wickets to cross for any other bowler to become the best bowler of the tournament. He is set to earn the coveted prize, unless Zaheer Khan claims 3 wickets. Zaheer with 19 wickets is the closest contender for the coveted best bowler prize. He just needs three wickets to cross Afridi, and will play the final against Sri Lanka. But, can he!!

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World Cup 2011: Record Exceptional Bowling Performances

Can Muralithran Create the Magic!
Murali is doubtful to play in the final. But if he signs with the last match of his career, he will need 6 wicket haul to match Afridi’s tally. Certainly not impossible by his standard and considering two bowlers have already taken 6 wickets. That may be the best sign-off from the World’s best spinner.

Best Bowling Performances of World Cup 2011

Southee with 18 wickets is the third best bowler of the tournament, but his team is out of the tournament, leaving him out of contention.

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