Without Losing a Match Pakistan Win 1978 and 1982 Men’s Hockey World Cup

Pakistan, winner of the first World Cup, added two more by the end of 5th Men’s Hockey World Cup as they won in 1978 and retained title in 1982 World Cup, winning 3 of the 5 Hockey World Cups. 1975 World Cup Winner India finished 6th. They remained unbeaten in both the tournaments winning 15 matches on their way to win third title in 5 Men’s Hockey World Cup organized till 1982. Indians finished 6th and 5th, respectively in 1978 and 1982 World Cup.

World Cup Matches Summary and Results: 1971 and 1973, 1975

1978 Match Results
Pool A
Place in Pool A, India finished third behind Group leader Australia, who won 5 and lost 1, and West Germany, who won three, the same number of matches as India won, but drew two and lost only 1. Germans scored 25 Goals, Australians scored 18. 5th placed Poland scored 15, while 6th and 7th placed Canada and Belgium scored 12 each. Only 4th placed England scored lesser goals (7) than Indians who scored 8 goals and conceded 12.
Indians won against Poland, Australia (2-0) and Belgium (1-0), drew against England (1-1), but lost against Canada (3-1) and were routed by West Germany (7-0).

Pool B
Pakistan and Netherlands scored 52 goals together as Pakistan won all 6 matches scoring 31 goals and conceding only 2 goals, while Netherlands won 5 and lost to Pakistan, scoring 21 goals. Spain finished third, hosts Argentina finished 4th followed by Malaysia, Irealand and Italy.

Ranking Matches

    13th place: Italy def Belgium 2-1
    Poland def Ireland 1-1 (4-2)
    Malaysia def Canada 2-0
    11th: Canada def Ireland 3-1
    9th: Poland def Malaysia 1-0
    India def Argentina 3-2
    Spain def England 2-1
    7th England def Argentina 3-1
    5th Spain def India 2-0
    Netherlands def Australia 3-2
    Pakistan def West Germany 1-0 (Extra time)

1982 Match Results
India hosted the 5th World Cup at Bombay and Pakistan defeated West Germany to complete three title wins and become first team to retain the title. While 216 goals were scored in 42 matches, Indians failed to enter semifinals again but improved ranking by finishing 5th.

Pool A Matches
Like 1978 World Cup, Pakistan again won all the matches. At Group stage, they defeated 2nd placed West Germany and other four teams that included Poland, New Zealand, Spain and Argentina. They scored 31 goals and conceded 9 at group stage with the biggest win margin being 12-3 against Blacksticks.

Pool B Matches
Indians won 3 but lost two, against group topper Australia, who won all five and second placed Netherlands. Indians scored 21 goals, maximum in their group as Netherlands scored 17 and Australia scored 13. But, two losses stopped them from entering semifinal.
Indians def Malaysia 6-2, Soviet Union 7-2, England 4-2 and lost to Netherlands 4-3 and Australia 2-1.

Ranking Matches

    11th: Spain def Argentina 3-0
    9th: England def Malaysia 3-2
    7th: New Zealand def Poland 6-1
    5th India def Soviet Union 5-1
    Pakistan def Netherlands 4-2
    West Germany def Australia 3-3 (8-5)
    3rd: Australia def Netherlands 4-2
    Final: Pakistan def West Germany 3-1
    3rd place: Australia def West Germany 4-3
    Final: Pakistan def Netherlands 3-2

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