Women’s Hockey World Cup 2018: Goal Scorers and Analysis

Women’s Hockey World Cup 2018 will be known for the major upsets and the big more record breaking run of the Queen team, Netherlands who are now the only team to win three consecutive World Cup games by scoring 7 or more goals in every match that included the huge 12-1 win over Italy. 126 goals were scored in 36 matches, for an average of 3.43 goals per match before the Final. Van der Male of Netherlands scored the maximum goals, including four goals in a match as the tournament saw two hattricks. Check the complete Goal analysis of every team and goal scorers in Women’s Hockey World Cup 2018.

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    72 Players scored at least a goal.
    2 instances of hattrick or more in a match.
    7 goals by Van Male Kitty
    Maximum Goals by Team: 29 Netherlands, 15 Spain
    Maximum Goals by Players: 7 Van Male Kitty


    4 Goals by Van Male Kitty (28′, 41′, 48′, 60) of Netherlands vs Italy at Group Stage
    3 goals by Louise Versavel (33′, 39′, 47′) of Belgium vs Japan in Group D

Goal Scorers Before Final

    8: Van Male Kitty (Netherlands)
    5: Lidewij Welten, Kelly Jonker (Netherlands)
    4: Louise Versavel (Belgium), Frederique Matla (Netherlands)
    3: Maria Ortiz (Argentina), Olivia Merry (Australia), Charlotte, Huse (Germany), Van Maassakker Caia, Leurink (Netherlands), Olivia Merry (New Zealand), Berta Bonastre (Spain)
    2: Merino, Noel Barrrionuevo (Argentina), Jill Boon (Belgium), Lily Owsley (England), Neha Goyal (India), Deirdre Duke, Anna O’Flanagan (Ireland), Valentina Braconi (Italy), Akiko Kato (Japan), Dirkse van den Heuvel (Netherlands), Lola Rera, Carlota Petchame, Carola Salvatella, Maria Lopez (Spain), Margaux Paolino (USA)
    1: Florencia, Jankunas, Sanchez Moccia, Granatto (Argentina), Emily Smith, Malone, Hurtz, Kenny, Kathryn Slattery (Australia), Vandermeiren, Weyns (Belgium), Zhang Xiaoxue, Yong Jing (China), Sophie Bray, Alex Danson, Giselle Ansley (England), Hanna Gablac, Selin Oruz, Anne Schröder (Germany), Rani Rampal, Lalremsiami, Vandana Katariya (India), Shirley McCay (Ireland), Oviedo, Ruggieri, Chiara Tiddi (Italy), Oikawa, Shimizu, Kawamura, Mano, Nagai (Japan), De Waard, Van Geffen, Malou Pheninckx, Marloes Keetels (Netherlands), Smith, Gloyn, McLaren (New Zealand), Alicia Magaz, Carmen Cano, Perez (Spain), Deetlefs, Kara-Lee Botes, Mayne (South Africa), Kum Ok Ju (South Korea), Erin Matson (USA)

Goals by All Teams Before Finals and Number of Players Scoring

Goals Team No. of Scorers
35 Netherlands 11
15 Spain 8
9 Argentina 7
9 Germany 5
8 Belgium 4
7 Japan 6
6 Australia 6
6 New Zealand 4
5 England 4
5 India 4
5 Italy 4
5 Ireland 3
3 South Africa 3
3 USA 2
2 China 2
1 South Korea 1
126 16 74

Name of Players Scoring Goals for All Teams

    Netherlands: 9 (Van Male Kitty, Welten, Kelly Jonker, Frederique Matla, Leurink, Van Maassakker, Dirkse van den Heuvel, De Waard, Van Geffen, Malou Pheninckx, Marloes Keetels)
    Spain: 8 (Berta Bonastre, Lola Rera, Carlota Petchame, Carola Salvatella, Maria Lopez, Alicia Magaz, Carmen Cano, Perez)
    Argentina: 7 (Florencia, Jankunas, Sanchez Moccia, Granatto, Merino, Noel Barrrionuevo, Maria Ortiz)
    Australia: 6 (Emily Smith, Malone, Hurtz, Kenny, Kathryn Slattery, Olivia Merry)
    Japan: 6 (Akiko Kato, Oikawa, Shimizu, Kawamura, Mano, Nagai)
    Germany: 5 (Charlotte, Huse, Hanna Gablac, Selin Oruz, Anne Schröder)
    Belgium: 4 (Vandermeiren, Weyns, Louise Versavel, Jill Boon)
    England: 4 (Lily Owsley, Sophie Bray, Alex Danson, Giselle Ansley)
    India: 4 (Neha Goyal, Rani Rampal, Lalremsiami, Vandana Katariya)
    Italy: 4 (Valentina Braconi, Oviedo, Ruggieri, Chiara Tiddi)
    Ireland: 3 (Deirdre Duke, Anna O’Flanagan, Shirley McCay)
    New Zealand: 4 (Olivia Merry, Smith, Gloyn, McLaren)
    South Africa: 3 (Deetlefs, Kara-Lee Botes, Mayne)
    China: 2 (Zhang Xiaoxue, Yong Jing)
    USA: 2 (Margaux Paolino, Erin Matson)
    South Korea: 1 (Kum Ok Ju)

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