World Cup 2011: Whose Willow Will Weild the Most Runs!!

World Cup 2011 has reached its peak. The 45 days have provided the fircest competition between the bat and the ball, and also between the teams. The tough tussle has prevented a clear winner of individual claims, such as the batsman of the tournament, even when just the final is left. Dilshan and Tendulkar, seperated by just 3 runs, will decide whose willow is the best in the Final.

It is not surprising that the contest to become the highest scorer of the tournament again lies among the top order, specially the openers in this case. Dilshan has been a revelation, reminding Jayasuriya of 1996 World Cup. Tendulkar as always has been in his best form when it matters the most. Even while playing his 6th World Cup, his battting has been a major contributor in India reaching the final.

The Front Runners
Dilshan and Tendulkar are the leaders in the contest for the most prolific batsman of the tournament. Dilshan holds a 3-run edge over Tendulkar. Both will play the final and if the match completes, both will get chance to flash their willow to get the winner.

Dilshan has 467 runs from 8 innings. With 144 being his highest in tournament, he has scored 2 centuries and 2 half-centuries with 4 sixes. The lesser number of sixes from the Twenty20 specialist tells how determined he is to take Sri Lanka to the target everytime when he is coming to bat in World Cup. Dilshan has received player of the match twice in the tournament.

Tendulkar, on the other hand, has scored 464 runs in 8 innings. With 120 being his highest in the tournament, he has also scored 2 centuries and 2 half-centuries with 8 sixes. He received the player of the match against Pakistan in semifinal.

Sangakkara is the closest batsmen to these two, as Jonathan Trott’s (with 422 runs) team is out of contention. Sanga has scored 417 runs in 7 innings with one century (most importantly in Mumbai, the venue for Final) and three half centuries, hitting 5 sixes. 111 is his highest of the 2011 tournament.

Tharanga, the other mercurial lankan opener with 393 runs is not so far. He already has 2 centuries and 1 half-century against his name. One more century in the final can make his willow the best.

Sehwag has scored 380 runs in 7 innings. Yuvraj has scored 341 runs in 7 innings. Both have scored a century each. One more century and they have a good chance of proving that their willow can be the best. Sehwag may like to conclude the tournament, the way he started it with 175 runs knock. Yuvraj on the other hand is the man on song.

5 batsmen will play in the World Cup final to get the coveted title of the best batsmen. Can any Final be more interesting!!

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