World Cup 2015: Highest Scores and Lowest Totals By Teams

With Kiwis scoring 183 runs in the final, World Cup 2015 was concluded with a comparatively low score. Second semifinal saw Aussies scoring 300+ making it 27th such score in 49 matches. First Quarterfinal saw a low score, 2nd quarters had 26th 300+ score of the tournament, India’s third. Earlier 42 matches at Group Stage of World Cup have seen 25 300+ scores including three 400+ scores. Sri Lanka and South Africa have scored maximum 4 300+ runs, while four teams including Sri Lanka have conceded maximum 3 300+ scores. 102 by UAE vs India is the lowest score so far. The record World Cup score of 413 by India vs Bermuda in 2007 has been broken by Australia in this World Cup. Twice 300+ run score has been chased successfully in World Cup 2015, and two teams (Zim, SL) fell short despite crossing 300 runs while chasing.

World Cup 2015: Schedules and Results
World Cup 2015 Statistics: Batting, Bowling, Team

Highest Totals

    417/6 Aus vs Afg
    411/4 SA vs Ire
    408/5 SA vs WI
    376/9 Aus vs SL
    372/2 WI vs Zim
    363/9 SL vs Sco
    342/9 Aus vs Eng
    341/6 SA vs UAE
    339/4 SA vs Zim
    339/6 Pak vs UAE
    332/1 SL vs Ban
    331/6 NZ vs SL
    331/8 Ire vs Zim
    328/7 Aus vs India in Semifinal
    326 Zim vs Ire
    322/4 Ban vs Sco
    318/8 Sco vs Ban
    312/1 SL vs Eng
    312 SL vs Aus
    310/6 WI vs Pak
    309/6 Eng vs SL
    307/6 Ire vs WI (Chased)
    307/7 Ind vs SA
    304/7 WI vs Ire (Lost)
    303/8 Eng vs Scot
    302/6 Ind vs Ban
    300/7 Ind vs Pak

300+ By Teams

    4 Aus, SL, SA
    3 Ind, WI
    2 Eng, Ire
    1 NZ, Pak, Ban, Sco, Zim

300+ Vs Teams

    3 Ire, Ban, Zim, SL, Scot
    2 Pak, WI, Eng, UAE
    1 SA, Afg, Aus, Ind

Lowest Totals

    102 UAE vs Ind
    123 Eng vs NZ
    133 SL vs SA (QF)
    142 Scotland vs NZ
    142 Afg vs Aus
    151 West Indies vs SA, Aus vs NZ (Group)
    182 WI vs Ind
    183 NZ vs Aus (Final)

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