World Cup History: India Lost Least Matches, Behind Aussies

The two time World Cup Champions have won 39 of the 67 matches they have played in the World Cup. They have lost only 26, have played a tie and had one match without result. They are the only team whose two players have won Player of the Series award in World Cup editions and their player provided only the third instance (After Aravinda de Silva in 1996 and Lance Klusener in 1999) of winning four Player of the Match awards in a single edition (Yuvraj Singh in 2011).

2015 World Cup: Complete Fixture in Indian Time

Group Matches

    England def India by 202 runs, MOM: Dennis Amiss
    Scores: Eng: 334/4, Ind: 132/3
    India defeat East Africa by 10 wickets, MOM: Farookh Engineer
    Scores: East Africa: 120, India 123/0
    New Zealand def India by 4 wickets, MOM: Glen Turner

Group Matches

    West Indies def India by 9 wkts, MOM: Gordon Greenidge
    Score: Ind 190, WI 194/1
    NZ def Ind by 8 wkts, MOM: Bruce Edgar
    Score: Ind 182, NZ 183/2
    Sri Lanka def India by 47 runs, MOM: Duleep Mendis
    Score: SL 238/5, Ind 191

Group Matches

    India def West Indies by 34 runs, MOM: Yashpal Sharma
    Score: Ind 262/8, WI 228
    India def Zimbabwe by 5 wkts, MOM: Madan Lal
    Score: Zim 155, Ind 157/5
    Australia def India by 162 runs, MOM: Trevor Chappell
    Score: Aus 320/9, Ind 158
    West Indies def India by 66 runs, MOM: Viv Richards
    Score: WI 282/9, Ind 216
    India def Zimbabwe by 31 runs, MOM: Kapil Dev
    Score: Ind 266/8, Zim 235
    India def Australia by 118 runs, MOM: Roger Binny
    Score: Ind 247, Aus 129


    India def England by 6 wkts, MOM: Mohinder Amarnath
    Score: Eng 213, Ind 217/4


    India def West Indies by 43 runs, MOM: Mohinder Amarnath
    Score: Ind 183, WI 140

Group Matches

    Aus def India by 1 run, MOM: Geoff Marsh
    Scores: Aus 270/6, Ind 269
    India def New Zealand by 16 runs, MOM: Kapil Dev
    Score: Ind: 252/7, NZ 236/8
    Ind def Zim by 8 wkts, MOM: Manoj Prabhakar
    Score: Zim 135, Ind 136/2
    Ind def Aus by 56 runs, MOM: Mohammad Azharuddin
    Score: Ind 289/6, Aus 233
    Ind def Zim by 7 wkts, MOM: Kapil Dev
    Score: Zim 191/7, Ind 194/3
    Ind def NZ by 9 wkts, MOM: Sunil Gavaskar and Chetan Sharma
    Score: NZ 221/9, Ind 224/1


    England def India by 35 runs, MOM: Graham Gooch
    Score: Eng 254/6, Ind 219

Group Matches

    England def India by 9 runs, MOM: Ian Botham
    Score: Eng 236/9, Ind 227
    No result between India and Sri Lanka
    Aus def Ind by 1 run, MOM: Dean Jones
    Score: Aus 237/9, Ind 234
    Ind def Pak by 43 runs, MOM: Sachin Tendulkar
    Score: Ind 216/7 Pak 173
    Ind def Zim by 55 runs (D/L), MOM: Sachin Tendulkar
    Score: Ind 203/7 (32 ov), Zim 104/1 (19.1 ov)
    WI def Ind by 5 wkts (D/L), MOM: Anderson Cummins
    Score: Ind 197, WI 195/5 (44 ov)
    NZ def Ind by 4 wkts, MOM: Mark Greatbatch
    Score: Ind 230/6, NZ 231/6
    SA def Ind by 6 wkts, MOM: Peter Kirsten
    Score: Ind 180/6, SA 181/4

Group Matches

    Ind def Kenya by 7 wkts, MOM: Sachin Tendulkar
    Score: Kenya 199/6, Ind 203/3
    Ind def WI by 5 wkts, MOM: Sachin Tendulkar
    Score: WI 173, Ind 174/5
    Aus def Ind by 16 runs, MOM: Mark Waugh
    Score: Aus 258, Ind 242
    SL def Ind by 6 wkts, MOM: Sanath Jayasuriya
    Score: Ind 271/3, SL 272/4
    Ind def Zim by 40 runs, MOM: Ajay Jadeja
    Score: Ind 247/5, Zim 207


    Ind def Pak by 39 runs, MOM: Navjot Sidhu
    Score: Ind 287/8 Pak 248/9


    SL def Ind (Umpires awarded the match after disruption, MOM: Aravinda de Silva
    Score: SL 251/8, Ind 120/8 (34.1 overs)

Group Matches

    SA def Ind by 4 wkts, MOM: Jacques Kallis
    Score: India 253/5, SA 254/6
    Zim def Ind by 3 runs, MOM: Grant Flower
    Score: Zim 252, Ind 249
    Ind def Kenya by 94 runs, MOM: Sachin Tendulkar
    Score: Ind 329/2 Kenya 235/7
    Ind def SL by 157 runs, MOM: Sourav Ganguly
    Score: Ind 373/6 SL 216
    Ind def Eng by 63 runs, MOM: Sourav Ganguly
    Score: Ind 232/8, Eng 169

Super 6s

    Aus def Ind by 77 runs, MOM: Glenn McGrath
    Score: Aus 282/6, Ind 205
    Ind def Pak by 47 runs, MOM: Venkatesh Prasad
    Score: Ind 227/6, Pak 180
    NZ def Ind by 5 wkts, MOM: Saeed Anwar
    Score: Ind 251/6, NZ 253/5

Group Matches

    Ind def Netherlands by 68 runs, MOM: de Leede
    Score: Ind 204, Neth: 136
    Aus def Ind by 9 wkts, MOM: Gillespie
    Score: Ind 125, Aus 128/1
    Ind def Zim by 83 runs, MOM: Tendulkar
    Score: Ind 255/7, Zim 172
    Ind def Namibia by 181 runs, MOM: Tendulkar
    Score: Ind 311/2, Namibia 130
    Ind def Eng by 82 runs, MOM: Nehra
    Score: Ind 250/9 Eng 168
    Ind def Pak by 6 wkts, MOM: Tendulkar
    Score: Pak 273/7 Ind 276/4

Super 6s

    Ind def Kenya by 6 wkts, MOM: Ganguly
    Score: Kenya 225/6 Ind 226/4
    Ind def SL by 183 runs, MOM: Srinath
    Score: Ind 292/6, SL 109
    Ind def NZ by 7 wkts, MOM: Zaheer Khan
    Score: NZ 146, Ind 150/3


    Ind def Kenya by 91 runs, MOM: Ganguly
    Score: Ind 270/4, Kenya 179


    Aus def Ind by 125 runs, MOM: Ponting
    Score: Aus 359/2, Ind 234

Group Matches

    Bangladesh def India by 5 wickets, MOM: Mortaza
    Score: Ind 191, Bang 192/5
    Ind def Bermuda by 257 runs, MOM: Sehwag
    Score: Ind 413/5, Bermuda 156
    SL def Ind by 69 runs, MOM: Muralitharan
    Score: SL 254/6, Ind 185

Group Matches

    India def Bangladesh by 87 runs, MOM: Sehwag
    Score: Ind 370/4, Ban 283/9
    India and England play a TIE, MOM: Strauss
    Score: Ind 338, Eng 338/8
    India def Ireland by 5 wkts, MOM: Yuvraj Singh
    Score: Ire 207, Ind 210/5 (46)
    India def Netherands by 5 wkts, MOM: Yuvraj Singh
    Score: Neth 189, Ind 191/5
    South Africa def India by 3 wkts, MOM: Steyn
    Score: Ind 296, SA 300/7
    India def West Indies by 80 runs, MOM: Yuvraj Singh
    Score: Ind 268, WI 188


    India def Australia by 5 wickets, MOM: Yuvraj Singh
    Score: Aus 260/6, Ind 261/5 (47.4)


    India def Pakistan by 29 runs, MOM: Tendulkar
    Score: Ind 260/9, Pak 231


    India def Sri Lanka by 6 wickets, MOM: Dhoni
    Score: Sri Lanka 274/6 (50/50 ov); India 277/4 (48.2)

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