WSH Team Profile: Mumbai Marines

Ashish Bharatram (SRF Group) and Harish Thawani (Nimbus) owns the Mumbai Marines, which is led by Indian goalkeeper Adrian. The team features two players from Argentina and one players each from Netherlands, Canada, Ireland and South Korea. Here is the Team profile for the Blue-color Mumbai Marines team.


Coach: Andrew Meredith

Pos = Position

Name Pos India
Adrian D’Souza (Captain) Goalkeeper India
Sudhir Raju Dixit Goalkeeper India
Pedro Ibarra Striker Argentina
Juan Martin Lopez Striker Argentina
Shashi Topno Striker India
Connor Grimes Striker Canada
Anup Anthony Striker India
Yuvraj Walmiki Striker India
G M Hariprasad Striker India
Jay Karan Striker India
Joga Singh Striker India
Pradhan Somanna Striker India
S V Sunil Striker India
Shashi Topno Striker India
Manoj Antil Striker India
Phelie Maguire Midfielder Ireland
Sung Min Lee Midfielder South Korea
Conroy Remedios Midfielder India
Devender Walmiki Midfielder India
Errol D’Silva Midfielder India
Prabodh Tirkey Midfielder India
Rajesh Kumar Midfielder India
Viren Rasquinha Midfielder India
Melchior Looijen Defender Netherlands

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