Zaheer Khan joins Afridi as the Best Bowler of World Cup 2011

Before the final, Zaheer Khan had the best chance among the players playing India Sri Lanka final of World Cup 2011. He needed 3 wickets to cross 21 wicket mark set by Afridi. In the end he could just equal the tally.

Who will be the best Bowler of the Tournament!!

Best Bowler of the Tournament
Shahid Afridi and Zaheer Khan became the joint best bowlers of the tournament with 21 wickets each. Afridi completed the feat in 8 matches, while Zaheer needed 9 matches to reach 21 wickets tally. On the basis of average Afridi would be called as the best bowler as he played lesser number of matches.

Southee of New Zealand grabbed third spot with 18 wickets in 8 matches.

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Yuvraj joined Muralitharan at 15 wickets for the tournament with 2 more wickets, in the final match against Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, India did not allow Muralitharan to take any wicket in his last international match.

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