Zimbabwe: Can They Regain Test Status

Zimbabwe, as a Test nation was growing in stature. Suddenly the political turmoil brought them upside down. The apartheid and anarchy made them untouchable. The talented bunch of players left the country. Now, in 2011 World Cup they did show sign of recovery and treading the same golden path.

Zimbabwe received test status before Bangladesh. Within their short span as Test nation, they played some memorable cricket. They were reckoned as a decent team against any opponents, at home or away. They even reached finals of some international tournaments.

After the political anarchy and apartheid era, it took many years for them to rebuild themselves and get acceptance from other nations. They were allowed to play ODIs again at highest level. Immediately they showed signs of their talent, winning abroad and at home.

In 2011 World Cup though, not much was expected. Not surprisingly they lost comfortably against the top four of the group A – Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand. Yet their two emphatic wins against Canada and Kenya shows the talent is there and within a short time, they will be knocking at ICC’s door to reenter the test arena.

2011 World Cup Match Results
Against Australia
Against Canada
Against New Zealand
Against Sri Lanka
Against Pakistan
Against Kenya

Taibu, Brendon Taylor, Price and others displayed some good game. But, together they could not perform in many games. Yet, the individual talent of many of their players promise the rise of Sun soon in Zimbabwe Cricket. They are better than Netherlands and Kenya, who lost all matches, and also match the talent of toothless Bangladeshi Tigers, who are struggling since more than a decade.

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