2003 World Cup: Matches and Results

Hyderabad, India: With a record 54 matches played at league and knockout stages, a lot of calculations went haywire within the 14 participating nations. Here is a complete list of all the matches.

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Group A (AUs, Ind, Zim, Eng, Pak, Netherlands, Namibia)
10 February, Harare
Zim def Namibia by 86 runs (D/L)
Score: Zim 340/2, Nam 104/5 (25/1 overs)
Player of the match: Wishart (Zim)
Record: Wishart hit a century (172*)

11 Feb, Johannesburg
Aus def Pak by 82 runs
Score: AUs 310/8, Pak: 228
Player of the match: Symonds (Aus)
Record: Symonds hit a century (143*)

12 Feb, Paarl
Ind def Netherlands by 68 runs
Score: Ind 204, Neth: 136
Player of the match: de Leede (Netherlands)

13 Feb, Harare
Zim won by walkover from England

15 Feb, Centurion
Aus def Ind by 9 wkts
Score: Ind 125, Aus 128/1
Player of the match: Gillespie (Australia)

16 Feb, East London
Eng def Netherlands by 6 wkts
Score: Neth 142/9, Eng 144/4
Player of the match: Anderson (England)

16 Feb, Kimberley
Pak def Namibia by 171 runs
Score: Pak 255/9, Namibia 84
Player of the match: Wasim Akram (Pak)
Record: Akram took 5/28

19 Feb, Harare
Ind def Zim by 83 runs
Score: Ind 255/7, Zim 172
Player of the match: Tendulkar (India)

19 Feb, Port Elizabeth
Eng def Namibia by 55 runs
Score: Eng 272, Nam 217/9
Player of the match: Burger (Namibia)
Record: RJ van Vuuren took 5/43

20 Feb, Potchefstroom
Aus def Netherlands by 48 runs (D/L)
Score: Aus 170/2 (36 overs), Neth: 122
Player of the match: Damien Martyn (Aus)

22 Feb, Cape Town
Eng def Pak by 112 runs
Score: Eng 246/8, Pak 134
Player of the match: Anderson (Eng)

23 Feb, Pietermaritzburg
Ind def Namibia by 181 runs
Score: Ind 311/2, Namibia 130
Player of the match: Tendulkar (Ind)
Record: Tendulkar (152) and Ganguly (112*) scored centuries

24 Feb, Bulawayo
Aus def Zim by 7 wkts
Score: Zim 246/9, Aus 248/3
Player of the match: Blignaut (Zim)

25 Feb, Pearl
Pak def Netherlands by 97 runs
Score: Pak 253/9, Neth 156
Player of the match: Yousuf Youhana (Pak)

26 Feb, Durban
Ind def Eng by 82 runs
Score: Ind 250/9 Eng 168
Player of the match: Nehra (Ind)
Record: Nehra took 6/23, India’s best performance in WC

27 Feb, Potchefstroom
Aus def Namibia by 256 runs
Score: Aus 301/6 Namibia 45
Player of the match: McGrath (Aus)
Record: McGrath took 7/15

28 Feb, Bulawayo
Zim def Netherlands by 99 runs
Score: Zim 301/8 Netherlands 202/9
Player of the match: Streak (Zimbabwe)

1 Mar, Centurion
Ind def Pak by 6 wkts
Score: Pak 273/7 Ind 276/4
Player of the match: Tendulkar (India)
Record: Saeed Anwar hit century (101)

2 Mar, Port Elizabeth
Aus def Eng by 2 wkts
Score: Eng 204/8 Aus 208/8
Player of the match: Bichel (Australia)
Record: Bichel took 7/20

3 Mar, Bloemfontein
Netherlands def Namibia by 64 runs
Score: Neth 314/4 Nam 250
Player of the match: Kloppenburg (Netherlands)
Record: Kloppenburg (121) and KJJ van Noortwijk (134*) hit centuries

4 Mar, Bloemfontein
Pak and Zim no result

Pool B (SL, Kenya, NZ, SA, WI, Canada, Bangladesh)
9 Feb, Cape Town
WI def SA by 3 runs
Score: WI 278/5, SA 275/9
Player of the match: Lara (West Indies)
Record: Lara hit a century (116)

10 Feb, Bloemfontein
SL def NZ by 47 runs
Score: SL 272/7 NZ 225
Player of the match: Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
Record: Jayasuriya (120) and Styris (141) hit centuries

11 Feb, Durban
Canada def Bangladesh by 60 runs
Score: Can 180, Ban 120
Player of the match: Codrington (Canada)
Record: Codrington took 5/27

12 Feb, Potchefstroom
SA def Kenya by 10 wkts
Score: Kenya 140, SA 142/0
Player of the match: Klusener (South Africa)

13 Feb, Port Elizabeth
NZ def WI by 20 runs
Score: NZ 241/7 WI 221
Player of the match: Adams (New Zealand)

14 Feb, Pietermaritzburg
SL def Bangladesh by 10 wkts
Score: Ban 124, SL 126/0
Player of the match: Vaas (SL)
Record: Vaas took 6/25

15 Feb, Cape Town
Kenya def Canada by 4 wkts
Score: Can 197, Kenya 198/6
Player of the match: Odoyo (Kenya)

16 Feb, Johannesburg
NZ def SA by 9 wkts (D/L)
Score: SA 306, NZ 229/1 (36.5 ov)
Player of the match: Fleming (NZ)
Record: Gibbs (143) and Stephen Fleming (134*) hit centuries

18 Feb, Bernoni
WI and Bangladesh no result

19 Feb, Paarl
SL def Canada by 9 wkts
Score: Canada 36, SL 37/1
Player of the match: Nissanka (SL)

21 Feb, Nairobi
Kenya def NZ by forfeit

22 Feb, Bloemfontein
SA def Bangladesh by 10 wkts
Score: Ban 108, SA 109/0
Player of the match: Ntini (SA)

23 Feb, Centurion
WI def Canada by 7 wkts
score: Can 202, WI 206/3
Player of the match: Davison (Canada)
Record: Davison hit a century (111)

24 Feb, Nairobi
Kenya def SL by 53 runs
Score: Kenya 210/9 SL 157
Player of the match: Obuya (Kenya)
Record: Obuya took 5/24

26 Feb, Kimberley
NZ def Bangladesh by 7 wkts
Score: Ban 198/7 NZ 199/3
Player of the match: McMillan (New Zealand)

27 Feb East London
SA def Canada by 118 runs
Score: SA 254/8 Can 136/5
Player of the match: Dippenaar (SA)

28 Feb, Cape Town
SL def WI by 6 runs
Score: SL 228/6, WI 222/9
Player of the match: Vaas (Sri Lanka)

1 Mar, Johannesburg
Kenya def Bangladesh by 32 runs
Score: Kenya 217/7, Ban 185
Player of the match: Odumbe (Kenya)

3 Mar, Benoni
NZ def Canada by 5 wkts
Score: Canada 196, NZ 197/5
Player of the match: Davison (Canada)

3 Mar, Durban
Tie between SL and SA (D/L)
Score: SL 268/9, SA 229/6
Player of the match MS Atapattu (Sri Lanka)
Record: Atapattu hit a century (124)

Super Sixes (Australia, India, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and New Zealand)
7 Mar, Centurion
Aus def SL by 96 runs
Score: Aus 319/5, SL 223
Player of the match RT Ponting (Australia)
Record: Ponting hit a century (114)

7 Mar, Cape Town
Ind def Kenya by 6wkts
Score: Kenya 225/6 Ind 226/4
Player of the match: Ganguly (India)
Record: Ganguly hit a century (107*)

8 Mar, Bloemfontein
NZ def Zim by 6wkts
Score: Zim 252/7, NZ 253/4
Player of the match: Astle (NZ)
Record: Astle hit a century (102*)

10 Mar, Johannesburg
Ind def SL by 183 runs
Score: Ind 292/6, SL 109
Player of the match: Srinath (India)

11 Mar, Port Elizabeth
Aus def NZ by 96 runs
Score: Aus 208/9 NZ 112
Player of the match: Bond (New Zealand)
Record: Shane Bond took 6/23, Brett Lee took 5/42

12 Mar, Bloemfontein
Kenya def Zim by 7 wkts
Score: Zim 133 Kenya 135/3
Player of the match: Suji (Kenya)

14 Mar, Centurion
Ind def NZ by 7 wkts
Score: NZ 146, Ind 150/3
Player of the match: Zaheer (Ind)

15 Mar, East London
SL def Zim by 74 runs
Score: SL 256/5, Zim 182
Player of the match: Atapattu (SL)
Record: Atapattu hit a century (103)

15 Mar, Durban
Aus def Kenya by 5 wkts
Score: Kenya 174/8 Aus 178/5
Player of the match: Karim (Kenya)

18 Mar, Port Elizabeth
Aus def SL by 48 runs (D/L)
Score: Aus 212/7, SL 123/7
Player of the match: Symonds (Australia)

20 Mar, Durban
Ind def Kenya by 91 runs
Score: Ind 270/4, Kenya 179
Player of the match: Ganguly (India)
Record: Ganguly hit his 3rd century (111*)

23 March, Johannesburg
Aus def Ind by 125 runs
Score: Aus 359/2, Ind 234
Player of the Match: Ponting
Record: Ponting hit a century (140*)

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