1936: Dhyan Chand Turns Legend, India Completes Hattrick of Hockey Gold

As Berlin, under Hitler hosted the world event before the second World War started, Dhyan Chand, the magician, earned praise from all, including the Germans. India completed a hattrick of Men’s Hockey Gold medal without any challenge. Indian wrestlers returned to Olympics after a gap of 12 years, while U Zaw Weik became the first Indian weightlifter to be at Olympics.

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Olympics Statistics

    Venue: Berlin, Germany
    Sports: 129 in 19 sports
    Participating Nations: 49
    Athletes Participating: (3,632 men, 331 women)

Indian Statistics

    India Ranking: 20
    Flag Bearer: Dhyan Chand (Hockey)
    Indian Team: 27 Athletes (6 events in 2 Sports)
    Sports-India: Athletics, Hockey, Weightlifting, Wrestling
    3rd Olympics: Dhyan Chand, Richard Allen (Goalkeeper)
    2nd Olympics: Sayed Jaffar, Roop Singh, Carlyle Tapsell

Hockey: 2nd Gold

    3rd Olympics: Dhyan Chand, Richard Allen (Goalkeeper)
    2nd Olympics: Sayed Jaffar, Roop Singh, Carlyle Tapsell
    Others: Ali Dara, Lionel Emmett, Peter Paul Fernandes, Joe Galibardy, Ernie Goodsir-Cullen, Sayed Muhammad Hussain, Ahmed Sher Khan, Ahsan Muhammad Khan, Mirza Nasir-ud-Din Masood, Cyril Michie, Baboo Nimal, Joe Phillips, Shabban Shahab-ud-Din, Gurcharan Singh Grewal

Athletics: 4 Athletes in 7 events

    Gyan Bhalla: Round 1 in Men’s 400 metres, 800 m
    Raunaq Singh Gill: Round 1 in Men’s 5,000 metres, Did not finish Men’s 10,000 metres
    Arul Swami: 37th in Men’s Marathon
    Eric Whiteside: Round 1 in Men’s 100 metres, 200 m

Weightlifting: Debut at Olympics
U Zaw Weik: 15th in Men’s Middleweight

Wrestling: 3 Men in 3 events

    Rashid Anwar: Round 3 of Men’s Welterweight, Freestyle
    Karam Rasul: Round 3 of Men’s Middleweight, Freestyle
    Shankarrao Thorat: Round 3 of Men’s Bantamweight, Freestyle

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