1988: From Multiple No-Woman Indian Contingent, all Women Athletics Squad

India has sent multiple Olympic Contingents without woman. Recreating history, India sent an all women squad in Athletics. For the second consecutive Olympics Indians returned without medals.

Indian Performance in Every Olympics
History of All Sports Played at Olympics by India
Olympic History

Olympics Statistics

    1. Venue: Seoul, South Korea
    1. Sports: 237 events in 23 sports
    1. Participating Nations: 159
    Athletes Participating: 8,391 (6,197 men, 2,194 women)

Indian Statistics

    1. India Ranking: No Medals
    1. Flag Bearer: Kartar Dhillon Singh
    1. Indian Team: 46 Athletes (7 women in 3 events)
    1. Sports-India: Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Hockey, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling
    1. 1st time: Archery, Table Tennis, Tennis
    1. 3rd: PT Usha (Athletics), Kartar Dhillon Singh (Wrestler), Somaya Muttana Maneypandey, Merwyn Fernandis, Muhammad Shahid (HOckey)
    2nd: Soma Dutta, Bhagirath Samai (Shooter), Shiny Abraham-Wilson, Vandana Rao (Athletics), Farokh Tarapore (Sailing)

Archery: 3 men in 2 events
Sanjeev Singh, Limba Ram (16 year), Shyam Lal Meena: Men’s Individual and 20th in Men’s Team

Hockey: 6th
Indian team lost to Pakistan to finish 6th after winning 2, losing 2 and drawing against Germany at Group stage.

    1. 3rd: Muhammad Shahid, Somaya Muttana Maneypandey, Merwyn Fernandis
    Others: Rajinder Singh Rawat, Pargat Singh, Ashok Kumar, Mohinder Pal Singh, Vivek Singh, Sujit Kumar, Subramani Balada Kalaiah, Jude Sebastian, Balwinder Singh, Thoiba Singh, Gundeep Kumar, Jagbir Singh, Mark Patterson


    1. Lost to Soviet Union 0 – 1
    1. Drew Germany 1-1
    1. Def South Korea 3-1
    1. Def Canada 5-1
    1. Lost to Great Britain 0 – 3
    1. Classification Matches
    1. 5th-8th place: Def Argentina 6-6 (4-3)
    5th-6th place: Lost to Pakistan 1-2

Athletics: 5 women in 4 Sports

    1. Mercy Kuttan-Mathews: Round 1 Women’s 400 metres
    1. Shiny Abraham-Wilson: Round 1 Women’s 800 metres
    1. PT Usha: Round 1 Women’s 400 metres Hurdles
    Vandana Rao, Mercy Kuttan-Mathews, Vandana Shanbagh, Shiny Abraham-Wilson: Round 1 Women’s 4 × 400 metres Relay


    1. Manoj Pingale: Round 2 Men’s Flyweight
    1. Shahuraj Birajdar: Round 2 Men’s Bantamweight
    John Francis: Round 1 Men’s Featherweight

Sailing: 2 Men in 1 event
Farokh Tarapore and Kelly Subbanand Rao: 17th in Men’s Two Person Dinghy

Shooting: 1 women in 2 events
Soma Dutta: Women’s Air Rifle, 10 metres, and Women’s Small-Bore Rifle, Three Positions, 50 metres

Swimming: 1 man in 1 event
Khazan Singh Tokas: 28th Men’s 200 metres Butterfly

Table Tennis: 3 members in 3 events

    1. Kamlesh Mehta: Round 3 Men’s Singles, Round 2 in Men’s Doubles
    1. Sujay Ghorpade: Round 1 Men’s Singles, Round 2 in Men’s Doubles
    Niyati Roy-Shah: Round 1 Women’s Singles

Tennis: 3 Men for 2 Events

    1. Zeeshan Ali: Round 3 Men’s Singles
    1. Vijay Amritraj (34 years): Round 1 Men’s Singles
    Vijay Amritraj / Anand Amritraj: Round 3 Men’s Doubles


    1. Gurunathan Muthuswamy: 11th Men’s Flyweight
    Raghavan Chanderasekaran: 19th Men’s Flyweight


    1. Rajesh Kumar: Men’s Light-Flyweight, Freestyle
    1. Kuldeep Singh: Men’s Flyweight, Freestyle
    1. Vinod Kumar: Men’s Bantamweight, Freestyle
    1. Satyawan: Men’s Lightweight, Freestyle
    1. Naresh Kumar: Men’s Welterweight, Freestyle
    Subhash Verma: Men’s Light-Heavyweight, Freestyle

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