Rio 2016: Pierre de Coubertin medal for Athletes from New Zealand and USA

New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin and USA’s Abbey D’Agostino were awarded with Pierre de Coubertin medal, a rare fourth type of medal, which has been bestowed on only on 17 occasions in the history of Olympic games.. The athletes who helped each other across the finish line after an accidental mid-race collision in the women’s 5,000m.

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Pierre de Coubertin medal, named after the father of the modern Olympic Games, is given to athletes who exhibit true sportsmanship, celebrate the Olympic spirit.

Others to Receive Pierre de Coubertin medal

    1. Lutz Long (Germany) 1936 Summer Olympics (Awarded posthumously in 1964)
    2. Eugenio Monti (Italy) 1964 Winter Olympics
    3. Franz Jonas (Austria) 1969
    4. Karl Heinz Klee (Austria) 1976 Winter Olympics
    5. Lawrence Lemieux (Canada) 1988 Summer Olympics
    6. Justin Harley McDonald (Australia) 1994 Winter Olympics
    7. Raymond Gafner (Switzerland) 1999
    8. Emil Zátopek (Czechoslovakia) 1952 Summer Olympics
    9. Spencer Eccles (USA) 2002 Winter Olympics
    10. Tana Umaga (New Zealand) 2003 Rugby Test Match
    11. Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima (Brazil) 2004 Summer Olympics
    12. Elena Novikova-Belova (Belarus) 2007 XI International Scientific Congress
    13. Shaul Ladany (Israel) 2007
    14. Petar Cupać, Ivan Bulaja, Pavle Kostov (Croatia) 2008
    15. Ronald Harvey (Austria) 2009
    16. Richard Garneau (Canada) 2014 Winter Olympics
    17. Michael Hwang (Singapore) 2014

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