Indian Open Super Series 2011: Men’s Singles Round 2 Results

In the 2nd round, on the second day, Sourabh Verma created another upset. With top 3 seeds, one unseeded Takuma of Japan and two qualifiers from India have entered the quarterfinals.

Sourab and Datt Reach Quarterfinal

Round 2 Results

    1. Chong Wei Lee [1] (MAS) def Lee Hyun I (KOR) 21-13 21-17
    2. Sourabh Verma (Ind) def Kenichi Tago [7] (JPN) 21-19 18-21 21-11
    3. R.M.V Gurusai Datt (IND) def Yuhan Tan (BEL) 21-13 14-21 21-13
    4. Hu Yun [8] (HKG) def Chan Yan Kit (HKG) 21-16 21-14
    5. Takuma Ueda (JPN) def Wong Wing Ki (HKG) 21-19 18-21 21-16
    6. P. Gade [3] (DEN) def Sho Sasaki (JPN) 21-12 21-17
    7. Park S. [6] (KOR) def Shon Wan Ho (KOR) 21-12 21-17
    8. Taufik Hidayat [2] (INA) def P Kashyap (IND) 21-17 21-19

* Ind= India, INA=Indonesia, MAS=Malaysia, FRA=France, SVK=Slovakia, JPN=Japana, BEL=Belgium, KOR=Korea, HKG=Hongkong, BEL=Belgium, HKG=Hongkong, KOR=Korea

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